Second Semester Registration Schedule for 2019

July 2019    |    Venue: Seme Hall - MUT

Monday             15 Registration of new students

Electrical Engineering

Registration of Returning students

Electrical Engineering and Community Extension

Tuesday           16 Registration of new students

Mechanical Engineering

Registration of Returning students

Mechanical Engineering and Accounting

Wednesday      17 Registration of new students

Civil and Surveying

Registration of Returning students

Civil & Surveying, Biomedical Technology and Agriculture

Thursday          18 Registration of new students

Chemical Engineering and Chemistry

Registration of Returning students

Chemical Engineering, Chemistry and Nature Conservation

Friday               19 Registration of Returning students

Public Administration, All B-Tech, Adv. Diplomas and Post Grad Diploma programmes

Please Note!

  • NB:  Students are advised to come and register on the Date/s relevant to their programme/s.
  • All students should adhere to the above schedule failure to do so will result in students not being assisted.
  • Financial cleared returning students can register online on student I-Enabler anywhere they are!
  • New students are required to be in possession of the following upon registration:
  • Originals and certified copies of Matric certificate, ID, Proof of payments and SMSes confirming a student number and acceptance by the university.
  • Additional documents required from international students are the permit, medical Aid proof and policy clearance.

For any registration enquiries, you can visit our website or facebooks page or contact out call admissions office and our call centre at 0319077181-7180-7173

Enquiries 031 907 7111  |  Admissions Call Centre 031 907 7111  |  Student Accounts Officer 031 907 7339  |  Bursaries Officer 031 907 7462  |  NSFAS 031 907 7353  |  Financial Aid Bureau 031 907 7106  |  Central Applications Office 086 086 0 226  |  Faculty of Engineering 031 907 7172  |  Faculty of Management Sciences 031 907 7452  |  Faculty of Natural Sciences 031 907 7678  |