Department of Office Technology

Why Study Office Technology?

Office Technology is the term for all the equipment and technology used in an office.  It could be physical technology such as computers, phone systems, printers, wifi routers, scanners, and copiers, but it also includes software, IT systems, access and timecoding systems, and any other technological support. This is a fast-evolving discipline as technology is changing very quickly all the time. So one of the jobs of the office technologist is to stay alert for all developments in technology and to analyse how they can be adopted forby their employers.

Career Opportunities

A qualification in office technology will give you the edge if you are looking for a job in any secretarial, management, clerical or administrative position, and it is a good additional qualification for anyone wanting to go into any kind of business environment. 

About This Course

Diploma in Office Management and Technology

NQF Level: 6  

SAQA Credits: 360

Qualification ID: 72303

Rationale for the Qualification

The Office Management and Technology programme provides an opportunity for the learner to acquire a range of administrative skills and business management, crucial to the successful functioning of any organization.

Statement of Purpose

This qualification provides students with background knowledge of the concepts underlying many of the administrative tasks that they may be required to perform. It also prepares students fully for any eventuality in their future administrative careers so that they will be able to perform their duties efficiently and with confidence. The qualification gives students a thorough business background so that they understand the business environment in which they will be working.

Admission Requirements

To be admitted to the above-mentioned programme, a candidate shall have obtained a valid National Senior Certificate, Senior Certificate, National Certificate (Vocational) or qualifies to be admitted in terms of the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) assessment. The table below shows the minimum requirements for the programme (except RPL): Minimum Admission Requirements (25 points) for National Senior Certificate

English Home LanguageEnglish First Additional LanguageAny other 5 additional subjects excl. Life Orientation

  Minimum Admission Requirements (25 points) for Senior Certificate

English Higher GradeEnglish Standard Grade

  National Certificate Vocational (NCV) Level 4

CommunicationAdditional 5 Subjects: Mathematical Literacy Business Practice Office Data Processing Applied Accounting Personal Assistant

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

Candidates that are able to demonstrate high levels of competencies, through summative assessment processes attached to the above-mentioned programme, will receive recognition of prior learning RPL; in recognition of competencies attained in the workplace setting for many years without having gained any formal qualification. A student who fails to maintain satisfactory academic progress in terms of General Rule: G.20 (1) and (2) shall be refused further admission to the department except by special permission of Senate. The admission of a student previously registered in an equivalent department at another University of Technology shall be subject to the same rules as if he/she previously had been in this department.

Please take note of the following:

  • Admission will be based on merit and availability of spaces.
  • Meeting the minimum requirements does not, in any way, guarantee admission.


Duration of Study

3 years Full-time 4-8 years Part-time  

Advanced Diploma in Office Management and Technology

NQF Level: 7

SAQA Credits: 120

Qualification ID: 97817

Rationale for the Qualification

  • The growth of academic programmes, more especially post-graduate qualifications is one of the strategic priorities of MUT. This qualification contributes to this regard.
  • The design of this programme is aligned with the structure of the revised HEQSF and thus providing qualifying students with a clear articulation route for further study.
  • The programme will equip students to meet the demands of post-graduate studies and equip them with research skills, which are vital skills required in the Higher Education Sector and Industry.
  • This qualification will provide students with learning experiences that will equip them with applied competencies to function at an advanced level in the field of office management and technology.
  • The introduction of the proposed programme will contribute to the development of the required administrative skills for the South African economy.

Statement of Purpose

This post-graduate qualification provides professional specialization in office administration at the managerial level. Successful candidates will be able to manage information and communication technologies and systems pertaining to administrative operations. It develops the students’ abilities to critically analyse problems associated with Business Administration, Information Administration, Labour Relations related issues and Advanced Project Management.

Admission Requirements

Diploma: Office Management and Technology or equivalent qualification with an aggregate of 60% or above. In instances where the prospective student obtained less than 60% aggregate pass, a minimum of two years working experience in Office Management/Administration related field will be considered. Other admission requirements will be applied as detailed in the Recognition of Prior Learning Policy. Preference for the part-time programme will be given to students who are already employed in the Office Management/Administration environment. Each application will be considered on its own merit.

Duration of Programme

One-year full-time study Two years part-time study