Welcome to all our alumni! We hope you will find information on this website to be both exciting and useful. As a Mangosuthu  University of Technology alumnus you belong to a fast growing and unique network of people who have graduated from MUT. Our alumni are powered to make a difference in society and remain a key testament to our achievements as a University.

What is Alumni?

The term alumni refers to all those individuals who have successfully completed a qualification and graduated from Mangosuthu University of Technology and the then Mangosuthu Technikon, from our very first graduates of 1985 up to the most current graduates.
The status of alumnus is granted to those graduates who take pride in the Institution and are prepared to play a vital role in the development of the Institution. These individuals value MUT as a brand that laid a foundation for their careers and future. A dedicated alumnus is prepared to contribute positively towards the success of MUT's current students and is prepared to market the Institution as a brand to be associated with.

Our role as the Alumni Relations Office at MUT is to provide a place for our alumni to stay connected to the University and with each other and to allow our alumni to provide support to the University and to each other.

From time to time we will host events for our alumni or organise special events for you so please, update your details so we can stay connected and be able to get in touch with you with news and events. This way you get to make your voices heard, and make a difference to your alma mater's future.