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The Alumni Relations Office wishes to Congratulate Ms Sanelisiwe Mnyandu who has just been nominated Chairperson of MUT Council. She is the first Female Chairperson in the history of of the MUT Council in the 43 years of MUT’s existence.

We wish Ms Mnyandu well in her new role.

Ms. Sanelisiwe Mnyandu

MUT Alumna becomes the first female Council Chairperson

Halala to our alumna, Ms. Sanelisiwe Mnyandu who is the current Chairperson of the MUT Council. Ms. Mnyandu was nominated to the University Council at the Convocation AGM on 7 December 2019. The recent nomination to serve as the Chairperson of the Council further elevate the significance of alumni and the contribution to achieving the current and future objectives of MUT.

She is the first female Chairperson in the history of the MUT Council in the 43 years of MUT’s existence.

We are proud to have the voice of graduates in the dominant coalition at MUT.

MUT has more than 30 000 alumni spread across South Africa, SADC and a sizable number overseas. These alumni take pride in MUT and are prepared to play a pivotal role in the development of MUT. They know where MUT has come from and; like MUT’s founding fathers, have the vision of elevating the MUT brand to greater heights.

The Alumni Relations Office knows that alumni will be the longest serving members of MUT. The alumni are the lifetime members of this university. They give testimony to this University which arose in a township simply to provide access to African students in 1979 when there was no Technikon for them in KwaZulu-Natal.

Great strides have been made by the Alumni Relations office to:

  • Reconnect MUT alumni with the university.
  • Revitalise alumni engagements with their alma mater, MUT.
  • To make alumni Reinvest into MUT, their time and money.
  • To help alumni rediscover progress at MUT and how they could be a part of the developments within MUT

The Alumni Relations office has wide-ranging activities for alumni engagement as well as enabling MUT alumni to perform any of these 4R’s:

Reconnect | Revitalise | Reinvest | Rediscover




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