Maths and Science Education Unit

Mathematics and Science Education

Maths and science are particularly challenging, so student support in this faculty is crucial.  At-risk students are constantly monitored and offered support through early-warning systems, and then offered tutorials and supplementary instruction.  

The Female Engineering Support Programme is a special project, to offer additional targeted support for female engineering students.  In collaboration with Women Eng SA (a non-profit organisation), we offer motivational talks, hackathons, induction sessions and mentoring. 

Contact Details

North Campus second floor office number 509 Faculty of Natural Sciences  

Contact us:

Tel: 031 907 7690



Dr TM Mthethwa   

Deputy Director: Mathematic and Science Education 


Ms C Majozi   


Ms A Ramrung 

Chemistry Lecturer 


Mr B Mohan George   

Physics Lecturer 


Ms N Gabuza    

Mathematics Lecturer