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Become an Agile Office Administrator

21- 22 September 2023

We have excelled and been rewarded

21 – 22 September 2023

Become more efficient and effective

21- 22 September 2023


Experience the EAC

The EAC prides itself with offering a unique conference experience in some of the best conference venues in Durban. It brings together some of the best industry professionals as keynote speakers and attracts diverse groups of delegates. This gives Administrators a chance to learn about the latest innovations, share new ideas and best practices, meet influencers and industry experts face to face.

Be inspired

Meet your academic and professional heroes and share best practices and innovative ideas with a community of administrative professionals. Additionally, connect with prospective service providers offering solutions relevant to YOUR needs.

Engage and Discover

Discover latest trends! Improve your skills set and learn new technology trends to improve efficiency.

Learn how to start conversations with your peers during EAC breaks and at the gala dinner. Show curiosity about what others are doing. Engage and discover new opportunities. Don’t be afraid to use this time to tell your peers about your career aspirations, interests and most importantly, pay attention to what they are doing.

EAC Awards

The focus of the 2023 Empowered Administrators Conference (EAC) is to build agile office administrators who rise to challenges and can strike a balance in their work, home, and life in general.  An agile office administrator has a positive outlook on life and has a set of goals to achieve within a set timeframe and upholds the values of the organisation. Organisational values are usually generic and even if not articulated, there are values that are given for any office professional.  The 2023 EAC Awards are anchored on the values of Mangosuthu University of Technology, which are: Integrity, Respect, Accountability, and Excellence.


For more than eight years of the EAC’s existence we have spoken about bringing effective and efficient support to our offices, line managers and organisations we work for. To a certain extent we have managed to achieve those. We have excelled and been rewarded with promotions, awards, and all sorts of recognition.

However, there is no better time than now. Now erodes all achievements we have ever attained. Now is the time to consolidate all that we have learned and become even more efficient and


The EAC Awards

The awards are a platform the conveners of the conference created to honour and reward various aspects of an administrators' work. Good work has to be positively acknowledged so as to inspire administrators to stay on focus, deliver better outputs and give their clients a positive experience.

The EACare

The EAC doesn’t only stand for Empowered Administrators Conference, it also stands for Empowered Administrators Care (EACare).

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