Stakeholder Analysis

The following categories represent principal stakeholders for Mangosuthu University of Technology:

University Council

  • Represents Government who are the owners of the University. The Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) is the parent ministry for universities in South Africa.
  • Approves budget for university operations.
  • Provides oversight and fiduciary responsibility for the institution.


  • Manage and run operations of the University.
  • Must be seen to be accountable to Government through University Council.
  • Report to University Council through the Vice-Chancellor.

Donors and Funders

These are the stakeholders that have taken interest in the financial well-being of the institution (e.g. TIA, NRF, SMMEs, GTZ, Industry, etc). Through their engagement with different sectors of the institution, they assist the institution in delivering on its mandate.

Students and their Parents

These are customers of university operations. Like commercial customers, students have the power of choice of service providers. This gives them limited power to influence business directions of universities.

Industry and Community

Industry and the community are consumers of our products. These products take the form of graduates we produce, or services that we provide. These stakeholders play an integral role in shaping our programme offering.


Our graduates constitute a growing pool of stakeholders that are proud in the values and traditions of the university. The continued existence of the institution that issues qualifications promotes their currency. Alumni spread a good word about the university to potential students and employers of our graduates.

Both University Council and Students are keen on value for money.
Their focus is therefore on cost-effective programme delivery.