Student Development Unit

The Student Development Unit was established to contribute to the preparedness of students for the world of work, as well as life in general. The thrust of programmes is leadership development.  It provides a proactive and enabling support and capacity building services to the Student Representative Council (SRC) to develop their potential.

In doing so, it seeks to uphold and promote the principles of co-operative governance between the SRC and the university management. The unit is also responsible for various leadership development opportunities for the Student Parliament, Clubs and Societies and Student Organisations.  It is hoped that the ripple effect will unfold and benefit the rest of the student body.

To achieve its objectives, the Student Development Unit works in partnership with student leaders and other internal and external stakeholders around a number of initiatives. These partnerships are student centred, and the programme content is annually designed and implemented with the student leadership. Further, the unit is responsible for the following:

  • SRC and Clubs and Societies and Student Organisation elections;
  • SRC Portfolio allocations;
  • Inauguration of the SRC;
  • Induction of and handover to new student leaders;
  • Strategic planning programme of the SRC;
  • Future Leaders Programme;
  • Student Life Achievement Awards Programme;
  • Choir activities; and
  • ENACTUS activities.

The Student Development Unit is situated at the Student Centre, Contact No: (031) 907 7427

Dr Mthokozisi Ntuli
Student Development Officer