Student Counselling

Student Counselling Unit


Mangosuthu University of Technology (MUT) aims to make your studies and social life as fulfilling and enjoyable as possible. There are a number of organisations that you can join and a large selection of sporting and cultural activities you can participate in. We recommend that you become involved in campus life and use every opportunity to make the most of your time worthwhile. The following information covers most aspect of University life. If you need to further information please contact the Student Counselling Unit or your student representative council for help.

Good physical and mental health is the result of a balanced life. We believe that students should aim for success by working hard in their studies, and taking time to make friends and develop interests outside the classroom. The Student Counselling Unit offers careers and personal counselling services to all students on campus. The Students Counselling staff will listen to your problems or worries, to help you gain control and direction of your life, settle down at the University and study more effectively. The service aims to make your experience at the MUT as positive as possible.



  • Job Hunting skills.
  • Stress Management.
  • Human Sexual Development and Sexual Orientation.
  • Drug Addiction and Alcoholism.


Personal Counselling
Counselling services are available for various aspects of life such as personal problems finance, emotional issues, stress and substance abuse. A student can also be helped with problems such as shyness, depression , anxiety, low self confidence and other related issues. Experiencing problems can make coping with your studies difficult. You are urged to contact a Student Counsellor as soon as you are aware of a problem. Remember no problem is too small! Full confidentiality is guaranteed. If the counsellor is unable to assist you, you will be referred to outside agencies.

Careers Counselling
Student Counsellors also provide careers counselling services to students. This service is designed to assist you in acquiring job seeking skills such as, how to write the curriculum vitae and a covering letter and how to prepare for and undergo a job interview. Information on employment agencies or employment opportunities available in certain companies is also available. You may also find that during the course of your studies you are not happy with your chosen career. Dont drop out of the course and leave, rather let the Student Counsellor assist you with re-appraisal of your interests and abilities. Information about study opportunities at other educational institutions is available from the Student Counselling Unit. Workshops are run periodically for matric students interested in exploring career options.

Orientation Services
Orientation programmes for new students are organised by the student Counsellors in consultation with the Orientation Committee of MUT. The purpose of these programmes is to introduce new students to the various aspects of University life.

Peer Help Programme
Peer help programme is organized and co-ordinated by the Student Counselling Unit and it provides an opportunity for students to learn how to care about others and put their caring into practice. A peer helper (who is a peer/another student) is trained to provide a non-judgemental listening environment which encourages others to explore their concerns and frustrations, in order to arrive at a decision or solution.

Selection Testing Services
The Student Counselling Unit administers psychometric tests for the selection of students on behalf of the academic departments that need the service.

We wish you an interesting and rewarding year at MUT.