Department of Public Administration and Economics

Why Study Public Administration and Economics?

South Africa is in dire need of professional public administrators – the people who carry out the mandate of government to provide services to the citizens of this country.  They are responsible for making sure that government or non-profit services are effective, efficient, and people-friendly. They oversee the roll-out of projects and programmes. They also evaluate projects and programmes and implement changes where necessary.  They will work in government departments, municipalities, and State-Owned Entities (SOEs).  There are a range of jobs in this sector, from the people who carry out tasks on the ground to the people who set policy.  

Career Opportunities

This qualification prepares you for life in the public service, with jobs such as an administrative assistant, budget analyst, case manager, secretary, communications officer, contract administrator, customs officer, environmental health officer, secretary, human resource manager, IT manager, legal administrator, policy analyst, procurement manager, public relations officer, quality assurance manager, researcher, risk manager, tax administrator. 

About This Course

Diploma in Marketing (MAKDIP)

NQF Level: 6

SAQA Credits: 360

SAQA ID: 96863

Rationale for the Qualification

This qualification opens up students to various career paths in the corporate world. It equips students with competencies that enable them to understand basic functional levels across the business and their contribution to the organisation’s mission and vision. The qualification aims to teach marketing/business skills which include the following:

  • Marketing planning and implementation of marketing plans.
  • Customer relationship management (CRM).
  • Comprehension and analysis of the customer decision-making process (DMP) and how to manage it effectively.
  • Market segmentation, targeting and brand/product positioning.
  • How to optimise the concept of the marketing mix to deliver superior service quality and outperform competitors.

Statement of Purpose

The purpose of this qualification to develop marketers from entry to middle management level. This is achieved through the delivery of up-to-date marketing content, but also by developing soft skills such as organisation, problem-solving, people-centredness, digital and information literacies. The qualification provides the entry point into the diverse field of marketing; hence it prepares future marketers for various industries.

Admission Requirements

(i) National Senior Certificate with rating pass codes:

  • English Home Language 4


  • English First Additional Language 5


  • Mathematics 4


  • Mathematical Literacy 5


  • Accounting 4


  • Any other four subjects with a minimum pass of 3
  • The total minimum number of points required in 25
  • Life Orientation and subjects passed with a rating pass code of 1 or 2 will not be considered for selection.

(ii) Senior Certificate (Old curriculum with letter symbols)

  • English (Higher Grade) C


  • English (Standard Grade) B
  • Mathematics (Higher Grade) E
  • Or Mathematics (Standard Grade) D
  • Or Accounting (Higher Grade) E
  • Or Accounting (Standard Grade) D


  • Any other additional subjects passed at different grades except Lower Grade
  • The total minimum number of points required D average (50%)

(iii) National Certificate Vocational (NCV) level 4

  • English 60%


  • Mathematics 40%


  • Mathematical Literacy 50%


  • Four other compulsory subjects with a minimum of 40%

(iv) National Certificate N4 (TVET Colleges) Students who obtained minimum points between 16 and 19 from Matric and passed four subjects at N4 Level with a minimum of 50% will be considered for selection. All business subjects will be considered. The satisfaction of other requirements for further selection may be required.

Duration of Study

The qualification is meant to be completed in three years as a minimum duration. However, a struggling student may complete the qualification in five years as a maximum duration.  

Advanced Diploma in Public Management

NQF Level: 7

SAQA Credits: 120

SAQA ID: 111159

Rational for the Qualification

The public sector requires highly skilled workforce that will gratify the obligation of outcome-based government and development state. This qualification provides students with an opportunity to equip themselves with knowledge, skills, and competences to contribute to an advancement of governance in the public sector.

Statement of Purpose

The Advanced Diploma in Public Management targets interested candidates who successfully completed a Diploma/National diploma in Public Management or equivalent. Through this qualification, learners will acquire advanced skills and competencies to carry out the expected management, administrative tasks and enhance the strategic abilities thereby contributing to improved service delivery. In so doing, officials, officials in the public service must uphold high ethical standards since South Africa is part of a global market, which responds to international. This will enhance principles of Good Governance and International Relations.

Admission Requirements

Minimum requirement for admission is National Diploma or Diploma in Public Management or equivalent with an average pass mark of 60%. In instances where a student obtained less than 60%, a minimum of three years’ experience in the public sector is considered.


Duration of Study

Full time one year, Part time two years.