Department of Biomedical Sciences

Bachelor of Health Sciences: Medical Laboratory Science

The purpose of this programme is to produce competent graduates that will be able to apply scientific and analytical principles in the field of medical laboratory science. The qualifying graduate will be able to organise and perform laboratory operations in clinical diagnostic laboratories and related fields in accordance with the statutory requirements of the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA). In addition, he/she will be able to integrate laboratory test results with pathophysiological conditions and conduct research grounded in a deep knowledge of the subject area and based on sound scientific principles. Within the programme, supervisory and management skills are developed to foster good business management and entrepreneurship skills. A distinguishing feature of this programme is the development and application of research skills.

This four-year degree programme has been structured to produce graduates with stronger scientific knowledge and skills, better reasoning ability and research skills through the development of higher-level cognitive skills and competencies associated with a professional degree at NQF level 8. The outcomes of the qualification are underpinned by compliance with statutory requirements including quality assurance, ethics, and safety. Qualifying graduates may work in the healthcare sector in government pathology laboratories, private pathology laboratories and research laboratories. To practice independently as a Medical Laboratory Scientist, two (2) years post-registration experience is required.

The Medical Laboratory Science degree that will be offered at Mangosuthu University of Technology, will at the onset, offer the following specialisation options: Clinical Pathology IV, Cytology IV, Immunohaematology IV, and Virology IV. In the fourth year of study, the student must select one of the above-mentioned disciplines as an area of specialisation. Other specialisation modules will be added on later as per industry demand and institutional capacity.

Bachelor of Health Sciences: Medical Laboratory Science

NQF Level: 8

SAQA Credits: 522

SAQA ID: 97931

CESM Code: 0907

HEQSF Qualification Type: 68

Rationale for the Qualification

Qualified medical laboratory scientists are specialised health professionals who play an integral role in
healthcare by aiding in the diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of diseases. The analytical and diagnostic services provided by medical laboratory scientists require strong scientific knowledge, reasoning ability and empathy for humanity. In addition, these professionals also undertake medical science research that responds to global health challenges.

Qualification Rules

  • On enrolment, it is mandatory that each student registers with the HPCSA as a student Medical
    Laboratory Scientist.
  • A student in Medical Laboratory Science must attend formal lectures and practical sessions at Mangosuthu University of Technology in all modules for the period of study. This includes Work Integrated Learning (WIL) in the 3rd year of study and Clinical Practice IV in the 4th year of study where students will be placed in accredited training laboratories.

Duration of Study

The duration of the course is a minimum of four years. This includes Work Integrated Learning (WIL) for a total of six (6) months in the 3rd year of study and Clinical Practice IV for a total of 12 months in the 4th year of study, where students will be placed in accredited training laboratories.

Admission Requirements
National Senior Certificate with: 

  • English Home Language 4 and above
  • Life Sciences 4 and above
  • Mathematics 4 and above
  • Physical Science 4 and above
  • English Additional Language 4 and above


Senior Certificate with a minimum of:

  • English D (HG)
  • Mathematics D (HG)
  • Physical Science D (HG)
  • Biology D (HG)

Applicants from FET colleges and elsewhere must have the minimum qualifications of NQF4 in Mathematics, Life Science, Physical Science and English.

Additional Entry Requirements: Applicants are required to undergo an interview as well as placement testing.