Academic Literacy and Language Unit (ALLU)

You have arrived at the Academic Literacy and Language Unit (ALLU)

About us: ALLU supports all MUT students develop the academic literacies they require to become fully participating members of their academic disciplines of study. The literacy demands of the higher education curriculum require students to acquire various communicative practices hence our support is structured in a way that will enable students to switch practices between settings, genres and disciplines rendering them capable of transferring knowledge as part of the community of their academic disciplinary practices.

What is Academic Literacy?
Academic literacy refers to “ways of thinking, reading, speaking, and writing dominant in the academic setting; involving ways of receiving knowledge, managing knowledge, and creating knowledge for the benefit of a field of study” (Neeley, 2005: 8). We therefore believe that the challenges that students experience in writing, communication and learning should be considered at the level of discourses, disciplinary practices and epistemology.

  • To support first year students’ transitioning into higher education through the development of their academic literacies and English language skills
  • To develop and capacitate all undergraduate and post-graduate students’ abilities to write and communicate for their disciplines
  • To strengthen students’ English language abilities to successfully participate in their university study
  • To monitor and provide support to AT-RISK students.
  • Professional staff with highly specialized skills and knowledge
  • Writing Centre
  • Fully equipped on-campus reading and learning laboratories
  • Specialized reading and language programmes
  • Well stocked library of fiction and non-fiction books available for MUT students and staff to borrow
  • Regular, structured academic literacies contact and online modules
  • Academic skills workshops and seminars
  • Academic skills training sessions
  • At risk students’ interventions
  • Face to face consultations
  • Regular creative writing competitions for MUT students and staff
  • Conducting research
Where to find us/Location Please come and visit us on the first-floor of the Main Library. For more information about our various services, please contact the following: In-Class Academic Literacies Modules:     
Dr H. Ndebele Dr G Kehdinga   Dr N Madondo  
Online Academic Literacies Module:         
Ms L. Khumalo
Creative Writing & Library Access:       
Ms N. Radebe