Student Organisations

Political Structures

ANCYL (ANC Youth League)
EFFSC (Economic Freedom Fighters Students’ Command)
DASO (Democratic Students’ Organisation)
NASMO (National Students’ Movement)
SADESMO (South African Democratic Student Movement)
SASCO (South African Students’ Congress)
YCL (Young Communists’ League)

Religious Structures

ACTS (Association of Catholic Tertiary Students)
ATEZS (Association for Tertiary Zion Students)
Campus Impact
LUSO (Lutheran Student Society)
METHSSOC (Methodist Students’ Society)
NATESA (Nazareth Tertiary Students’ Association)
SCO (Student Christian Organisation)
SDASM (7th Day Adventist Students’ Movement)
The TACCSO (The Twelve Apostles Church in Christ Students’ Organisation)

Development Structures

ABASA (Association for the advancement of black accountants of Southern Africa)
ACUSO (African Cultural Society (formerly Cultural Society)
AIESEC (International Association of Students interested in Science, Economics and commerce)
BMF (Black Management Forum)
HASO (Health Advisory Students’ Organisation)
Jazz and Fusion
NSBE (National Society of Black Engineers
Performing Arts
SWDO (Students with Disabilities Organisation)
YWN (Young Women’s Network)