Getting Prepared for Success (GPS)

Welcome to GPS, Mangosuthu University’s First-Year Experience Programme. A special programme put together for all first-year students, click on the video to get a quick introduction to GPS and some of the things you can expect in the programme.

Getting Prepared for Success (GPS)

The Teaching and Learning Development Centre (TLDC) has dedicated itself to the implementation of a university-wide First-Year Experience programme at Mangosuthu University of Technology. The programme is named Getting Prepared for Success (GPS) as it is designed to help all first-year students navigate the university and become better equipped for their academic journey at MUT. GPS is a package of programmes, workshops and activities targeted towards preparing our first-time entering students for their studies, led by the various departments, at the university.

This website will help keep students informed of the activities, workshops and sub-programmes, such as the Student Success Mentorship Programme, Student Orientation, Faculty orientation, etc. that make up GPS.

MUT’s FYE programme, GPS, also offers a host of workshops and seminars through the various departments for example the general Student Orientation hosted by Student Counselling to introduce you to the university; Faculty Orientations by the Faculty and TLDC to help get you prepared for your specific discipline of study and the Library Orientations to help learn how to access resources and various learning tools. The Female student in Engineering workshops help motivate our future female engineers whilst a host of other related workshops are offered throughout the year to help address the challenges that face students might face along their academic journey.

We also conduct several Surveys of Student Engagement which students are urged to fill to help us better understand the holistic needs of the student populace in MUT. We acknowledge the varying challenges that students go through when adapting to “Varsity life”.  The data from surveys help us to hear your voice as students, so as to better assist in the MUT academic journey.

The FYE- GPS team at MUT comprise of various staff members across the university from each of the following departments/centers /directorates : Student Affairs (Student Counselling, Housing Department, SRC) TLDC (Academic literacy and language unit, Mathematics and Science Education Unit, Writing Centre, Professional Development Unit) Registrar Sports Department Marketing and Communications department Library Services Community Engagement and Development Information Technology and Network Finance and Financial Aid Co-operative Education, Faculty Representations (Natural Sciences, Engineering, Management Sciences)


To get you started on your journey here is a free downloadable copy of GRAD a book for all first-year students brought to you by Ruda Landman, StudyTrust and Capitec Bank in partnership with Van Schaik Publishers.

This is an amazing national publication that has been designed to assist first-year students to achieve overall success. It is a 69 page guide that is loaded with important information that will help you take charge of your development as a student of MUT.

You can collect your free copy at your department or the TLDC offices. Drop us an email if you have any difficulties in getting a copy. Click on the image here to have a quick look at the content in the latest GRAD issue.

A free hard copy of the GRAD book can be collected from your department or at the TLDC offices.

FYE- Q & A

How to request for a mentor:

As a means of supporting you as a first-year student, we have selected senior students as volunteers to help guide their assigned mentees in adapting to the university both socially and academically. Have a look at the information pamphlet to find out more about the programme, and get in contact with us if you have any challenges in finding out who your mentor is. 

TLDC Mentorship Flyer

2024 2nd Intake- Mentorship Application Form

How do I contact my academic advisors?

We have 2 academic advisors per faculty, who would be able to assist you to address any of your academic challenges. Please find the contact details of your student academic advisors in a poster under the student support tab. 

How to access your email:

We encourage you to use and keep track of your free MUT email that you are provided with. We often send through information and invitations using this email. This email is your identity at the university and an easy way on sharing important information throughout our academic journey. We have included a guide to accessing your email under the quick guide tab. 

What is an LMS?

The university official Learning Management System (LMS) is called Blackboard. It is important that you become aware of how to access the LMS as it contains a variety of important information including a special course for all first-year students. We have additional videos and links on the FYE blackboard site that will help you better understand your courses, give you access to videos that will guide you and prepare you for your journey as a student of MUT.


When accessing the Blackboard site for the first time, please use your student number as the username and the password. If you face any challenges in logging on please contact the e-learning team. A poster can be found on the student support tab.

Click here to access Blackboard

How to get financial assistance?

Mainstream qualifications are primarily funded by NSFAS for qualifying students. Students not funded by NSFAS have a responsibility to apply for bursaries and scholarships available. For general enquiries, use this email addresses: as a communication tool for better service delivery. To send Bank statements and certified copies of ID to: For all enquiries, all matters relating to NSFAS, Seta’s, Private bursaries and scholarships, Appeals, Unpaid allowances, Refunds, Payments, etc. send email to:

FYE- Quick Guides

Quick guides are infographics that will demonstrate a step-by-step process of accessing and utilizing academic tools.

Microsoft Teams

If you are struggling to download, install and utilize Microsoft Teams for your mobile phone or personal computer please click on the infographic on the right for a full guide.


Using Turnitin is simple, it can be done on your mobile phone or laptop. Avoid visiting the library for Turnitin queries, click on the infographic on the right to view a full guide on how to utilize it.

Student email

If you are having trouble with accessing your student email, please click on the link below it will put you through the MUT official website, student email process.


The MUT library allows you to borrow and return books, your student card is the only passport. Please click in the link to open full details about library working hours and borrowing privilege and instructions.


FYE- Newsletter

FYE newsletter is a student led project that aims to keep students informed about their academic and social activities. The newsletter is here to help the university to foster a good communication culture.

Click on the image on the right to open the newsletter first edition and stand a chance to win.


Click on this link to take to the list of podcasts and available additional downloads that are linked to the Grad booklet. These are available for you to use and has been developed by Ruda Landman, Study Trust and Capitec Bank in partnership with Van Schaik Publishers.


We are currently developing the maps of the university to help you navigate the university better, Please be patient.

Your FYE Team




MUT does not only strive through academic excellence but through a variety of social and religious activities. There are various structures, teams and clubs that are available for you to join and interact with. There are clubs like Enactus, who will challenge your entrepreneurial and innovative skills and also various religious structures to strengthen your faith.


Enactus is a global organization with university chapters in all continents. The various chapters are non-profit entities and exist as platforms through which students can pursue business-based projects. The Enactus World Cup is an annual global competition hosted by the Enactus organisation for student social entrepreneurs engaged in community-based solutions. MUT Enactus students may have not participated in the Enactus World Cup 2015 held for the first time at the Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg on 14-16 October 2015, but their attendance brought about numerous benefits that will form part of their future projects.


The FYE team encourages students to create a balanced lifestyle. We wish to expose you to many activities both academic and social to help develop you in a holistic manner. As such, we host various events, such as the My MUT, My FYE Expos, women in engineering, skills workshops and so much more.

The EXPO is an event that exposes first year students to the university, specifically the different departments and services. The information available at the expo speaks to the specific departments that the students are enrolled in and highlights the relevance of such courses. Make sure you don’t miss out on the next one!


New to the campus environment? MUT First Year Experience, has got you covered. They have the general orientation, faculty orientation and to keep you in the know of what’s happening around at that current moment, they have Roadshows.

The FYE team prize ourselves for always putting students first, we want to hear from you during the roadshow engagements. Your voice matters to us. Come meet us during these events, and let us know how we can help you.


There are various opportunities for you to learn how to work with your fellow students to improve learning and adaptation to the university. The TLDC runs a peer mentorship program where, with the assistance of senior students, you are supported to achieve academic excellence and adapt socially.

Other peer support programmes at the university are: Peer Education, which is offered by the Clinic to alert students to health and wellness matters; Peer Helpers, offered by Student Counselling to alter students to mental health matters.

Mentorship Program

Mentors availing themselves at the MUT FYE EXPO, engaging with students at the First Year Experience Desk

Peer Helper Program

Peer-helpers are students from second year up to fourth year of study.

They work closely with student counsellors and if a student’s issues are beyond the role of the peer helper, they refer the student to the Student Counselling Unit for professional assistance. Confidentiality is always guaranteed.

Highlights of the peer Helper Program Roadshows and engagement with students. Be on the lookout and don’t miss out on upcoming

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Peer Education

Peer educators are trained students from first year up to fourth year of study.

They work under the management of the campus clinic. Peer educators host awareness campaigns, alert students about the services offered at the clinic and hold res programs, such as Dialogues (women’s talk) and Imbizo (men’s talk).

Highlights of the peer education awareness drives. Be on the lookout and don’t miss out on any upcoming drives.

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Struggling to cope with the amount of pressure? Are you failing to use technology to your advantage? Again, MUT FYE has got you covered. Working with various supporting departments, FYE team offers guidance, in the form of workshops and not only on campus but at the comfort of your university residence.

Putting students first is one of the FYE’s fundamental principles. Here are some of the highlights of the FYE team, Student Academic Advisors and E-Learning conducting fun and engaging workshops at the comfort of students’ residences. There is always something for a participating student, students who engage get rewarded. Make sure to avail yourself when a workshop is hosted at your residence, you will never regret it!


FYE- Academic

Residence Tutorials

Weekly residence tutorial program provides a much better opportunity to get to understand your course content a little better. Tutors assist you in improving your academic performance.

Academic Support Services

There are a number of academic support programmes that the university offers. Ensure that you get to know your Faculty Student Academic Advisor. They will be able to guide you along with your mentors to get the help that you need.

The Teaching and Learning Development Centre offers number of activities to assist student academic development and support. We have language, maths and science specialists who are there to help you. Here are a few of the support that students can find in our Centre. These are a list of some of the activities in offer:

  • Welcome Week programme
  • First-year seminars and workshops for students and staff
  • Intensive language intervention programme
  • Reading and writing in the discipline;
  • Writing consultancy for students;
  • Creative writing experience;
  • Proof-reading and editing services;
  • Translation and interpreting services
  • Academic literacy support
  • Writing centre
  • FYE Programme
  • Student profiling and surveys
  • Academic monitoring and student tracking (HEDA system)
  • Learning groups, tutorials remedial and core-teaching
  • Mentorship programme
  • Residence tutors and online tutorial
  • Managing and rolling out Supplementary Instructions Programme.
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We encourage you to make use of the support programmes available.


Peer Assisted Learning and Mentorship:

All first years are encouraged to make full use of the Student Success Mentorship Programme that is offered by TLDC. It is a programme that is designed to help first years get the assistance they need both academically and socially in the form of mentorship.

Each first year student is paired off with a senior student (mentor) from the same discipline. Students meet and work with their mentors regularly in small groups to help the process of learning.

First year students are exposed to essential skills that would help them improve their academic performance and ensures their success as a student at MUT.

Senior students who volunteer as mentors are groomed as future leaders. Students are welcomed to find out more about the programme and how to get involved at the MSEU offices.

Senior tutors and supplemental instructors within specific subject areas are also offered by the TLDC. These senior tutors also work with you during allocated time to better understand specific subject areas that pose challenges to your learning. 

You are also welcome to visit any of our office to speak to us directly. For the workshop and seminars, please keep watch your notice boards for information.

FYE-Health and Wellness

Students Counselling

Our goal is to create an enabling support environment, that fosters creativity, agility and resilience in our people, processes, and systems.

Are you experiencing problems such as First-year adjustment difficulties, relationship & family problems, Trauma, gender-based violence, Anxiety, and depression.

Students are therefore encouraged to make use of Student Counselling services as soon as they become aware that they have a problem. Remember, no problem is too small!

Student Housing

Meet the broader Social Residence Environment, to keep away from Academic Pressure we offer social and awareness programs.

We Foster the community atmosphere in Residences which creates opportunity for personal growth and development. we develop and facilitate programs which address the needs of the residence community.

Sports and Recreation

Healthy Body Produces healthy minds, our units consist of virous sport codes for students at MUT such as Hockey, Netball, Football, Athletics, Rugby, and Volleyball.

Structures our sport compete on:

  • University Sport South Africa (USSA Games): National winter and summer competitions. All sports codes.
  • USSA KZN Leagues: Provincial leagues for institutions within KZN. Played on away and home basis.
  • SAB League: SAFA Regional League.
  • KZNRU Provincial League: Provincial rugby league.

Campus Health

Primary Health Care Services include assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of minor disorders of an acute or chronic nature according to pre-defined protocols. Provision of one-on-one health education to clients during consultations.

Provide Sexual Reproductive Health Services
  • Fertility Control Services – Issue pills, injections and insert intradermal Implants (Family Planning)
  • Management of sexually transmitted infections using tablets and or injections.
  • Provide HIV Counselling and Testing Services
Health Promotion and Disease Management
  • Health promotion programs through awareness of diseases / medical conditions.
  • Peer Education to create HIV & AIDS awareness through peer educators (students that volunteer to become teach others about HIV & AIDS)
Facilitate health promotion presentations in the student residences.

Provide Occupational Health

  • Conduct medical surveillance and biological monitoring
  • Do physical examinations
  • Conduct screening tests for the early detection and prevention of work-related tests
  • Emergency Services
  • Putting up an intravenous line/s.
  • Attending to uterine bleeding
  • Management of emergency cases namely injuries, on and off duty, illnesses namely Asthma attacks, uterine bleeding, delivering babies etc.
  • Screening, management and referral of medical emergencies including injuries on duty.

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