We are a township located University, one of only six universities of technology in South Africa.  Our founder Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi gave the promise in 1979 – when we opened with just fifteen students – that our mandate would be to transform the lives of the disenfranchised.

The theme of transformation is still our cornerstone.  We are not only transforming the lives of the people who live in Umlazi, but we are also transforming ourselves into a university that can take its place among the best technology institutions in the world.

So welcome to Mangosuthu University of Technology, where our brightest and best can find the future they want.


MUT Radio station is also informed by the University’s values; which are Accountability, Integrity, Respect, and Excellence. ore-or-less normal distribution of letters. making it look like readable English.


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MUT offers a vibrant and dynamic lifestyle for its students. Situated in a scenic location, the University provides a conducive environment.


MUT boasts modern and well-equipped facilities to support the academic pursuits of its students. The campus features state-of-the-art laboratories, libraries, and research centers.


MUT values its student community, embracing diversity and inclusivity. The University attracts a diverse group of students.


Recognising the financial challenges faced by students, MUT strives to make education accessible. The University provides transparent fee structures.


Faculty of

  • Diploma in Building
  • Diploma in Chemical Engineering
  • Diploma in Civil Engineering
  • Diploma in Electrical Engineering
  • Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
  • Diploma in Surveying
  • Diploma in Construction Management & Quantity Surveying
  • Advanced Diploma in Chemical Engineering
  • Advanced Diploma in Mechanical Engineering 
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Faculty of
Management​ Sciences

  • Diploma in Accounting
  • Diploma in Cost & Management Accounting
  • Diploma in Office Management & Technology
  • Diploma in Public Finance and Accounting
  • Diploma in Local Government and Finance
  • Diploma in Public Management
  • Diploma in Marketing
  • Diploma in Human Resource Management
  • Advanced Diploma in Cost and Management Accounting
  • Advanced Diploma in Accounting
  • Advanced Diploma in Office Management and Technology
  • Advanced Diploma in Human Resource Management
  • Advanced Diploma in Marketing
  • Advanced Diploma in Public Management
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Human Resources Management
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Office Management & Technology
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Public Management
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Faculty of
Natural Sciences​

  • Diploma in Agriculture
  • Diploma in Analytical Chemistry
  • Diploma in Community Extension
  • Diploma in Information Technology
  • Diploma in Nature Conservation
  • Bachelor of Science in Environmental Health
  • Bachelor of Health Sciences in Medical Laboratory Science
  • Bachelor of Applied Science in Nature Conservation
  • Advanced Diploma in Agriculture in Crop Production
  • Advanced Diploma in Agriculture in Animal Production
  • Advanced Diploma in Analytical Chemistry
  • Advanced Diploma in Agriculture Extension and Community Development
  • Advanced Diploma in ICT in Applications Development
  • Advanced Diploma in Nature Conservation
  • Post graduate Diploma in Nature Conservation
  • Master of Nature Conservation
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Total student enrollment

Faculty of Engineering

Faculty of Management Sciences

Faculty of Natural Sciences