MUT takes a firm grip on internationalisation

The international students that enrolled with MUT will always look at the year 2020 with fondness and bit of smile. In a bid to connect international students and to provide support for them to succeed in their studies, MUT hosted a special orientation for international students.

MUT launches Black Thursday against GBV

MUT took a stand against Gender-Based Violence (GBV) last year; and the university continues to encourage its staff and students to play their part in preventing the scourge of GBV and bringing perpetrators to the book.

NRF rating for chemical engineering senior lecturer

MUT’s research profile is growing; and along with it is the number of researchers who are getting recognition for their contribution in various areas of specialisation. Senior Lecturer in chemical engineering, Dr Kaniki Tumba, is the latest to join the list of MUT researchers.

New students introduced to MUT in style

The Department of Infrastructure Planning & Projects continues to provide solutions to infrastructure-related challenges inThey say first impressions count, but for MUT it is how those impressions are created that makes all difference. As if to subliminally encourage first-year students to fall in love with their university at its new corporate identity, the orientation was held on Valentine’s Day. the University.

IRDCE hosts academics from São Paulo to discuss technology in teaching and learning

The MUT Institute for Rural Development and Community Engagement (IRDCE) hosted University of São Paulo (BraziI) Professors Agnaldo Arrorio and Ermelinda Moutinho Pataca in a seminar to discuss the importance of media literacy, knowledge circulation and empowerment. 

MUT Student fee handbook 2020

This student fee guide sets out the rules and regulations regarding student fees and is aimed at assisting students in understanding these rules and regulations and the payment options available to them so that their student fees are managed in a responsible manner. The University has to balance the increasing financial needs of students against the diminishing financial resources of MUT. These rules and regulations apply to all students registered with the Mangosuthu University of Technology.

Graduation 2020

Tuesday, 21 April

Faculty of Natural Sciences

All Departments

Wednesday, 22 April

Faculty of Engineering

Civil and Mechanical Engineering

Thursday, 23 April

Faculty of Engineering

Chemical, Electrical Engineering and Construction Management

Friday, 24 April

Faculty of Management Sciences

Human Resource Management, Marketing and Office Management

Saturday, 25 April

Faculty of Management Sciences

Accounting and Public Management



Dr Enoch Duma Malaza

Vice-Chancellor & Principal


Policy Framework to address Gender Based Violence in the Post-School Education and Training System


0800 000 464 

Faculty of Engineering

It is almost 40 years since Mangosuthu Technikon now Mangosuthu University of Technology (MUT) started offering National Diploma Engineering programmes that provide students with career oriented skills through a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical experience in the work place.

Faculty of Management Sciences

The Faculty of Management Sciences is a diverse, dynamic sector of the campus and home to the departments of Accounting, Communication, Economics, Human Resource Management, Law, Marketing, Office Technology and Public Management that provides students with career oriented skills through a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical experience in the work place.

Faculty of Natural Sciences

The Faculty of Natural Sciences is one of the three faculties at MUT and is made up of eight departments in the various disciplines of the natural sciences that provides students with career oriented skills through a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical experience in the work place.

Strategy Review & Development

The University-wide consultative meetings led by Dr Enoch Duma Malaza, Vice-Chancellor & Principal, have been concluded. Dr Malaza met all levels of management, researchers, support staff, academics, and students. Thanks to everyone who attended and participated during the meetings, and on the digital and other platforms. Over 421 staff and 18 students attended the meetings. The next phase is VC engagement on the strategic review process with executive management.




Diploma in Building

Diploma in Chemical Engineering

Diploma in Civil Engineering

Diploma in Electrical Engineering

Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

Diploma in Surveying  












Management Sciences

Diploma in Accounting

Diploma in Cost and Management Accounting

Diploma in Office Management and Technology

Advanced Diploma in Office Management and Technology

Diploma in Human Resource Management

Advanced Diploma in Human Resource Management

Diploma in Marketing

Advanced Diploma in Marketing

Diploma in Public Finance and Accounting

Diploma in Public Management


Natural Sciences

Diploma in Agriculture

Diploma in Analytical Chemistry

Diploma in Agriculture in Animal Production

Diploma in Biomedical Technology

Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Sciences

Diploma in Community Extension

Diploma in Environmental Health

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Health

Diploma in Information Technology

Diploma in Nature Conservation

Advanced Diploma in Nature Conservation

Postgraduate Diploma in Nature Conservation

Master of Nature Conservation