Faculty of Management Sciences

The Faculty of Management Sciences is a diverse, dynamic sector of the campus and home to the Departments of Accounting, Communication, Economics, Human Resource Management, Law, Marketing, Office Technology and Public Management. Our current focus is to prioritise our role and identity as academics, with academic pursuits. This includes a drive to develop research capacity, to establish niche areas for research and to publish. Taking a more proactive role to develop teaching and learning methodologies that are not transmissive but transformative, is central to meeting the requirements of new policy directives (such as OBE).

We are also doing our best to streamline the administrative functions that are so important to our work, and to enhance our channels of communication both within and outside the faculty. Our goal is to develop a strong Faculty profile and identity, which will take us into a new era in higher education. Graduation 2008 was certainly a highlight for our students and we salute them and the mentors who saw them through their course of study, often against tremendous odds.

Various initiatives by departments (speaker forums, advisory committees, scholarship programmes and awards days) are featuring more prominently in the Faculty and eliciting positive participation from the university community.

Ongoing networking with regional and national structures in education and industry to shape curriculum, secure funding, explore ways to enact policy (Recognition of Prior Learning, Co-operative Education and Quality Assurance) and establish linkages, are essential for the Faculty's growth and development. The Faculty is proud of the achievements of both staff and students.


Contact details Heads of Departments
Dean: Faculty of Management Sciences (Acting)
Prof CD  Jinabhai
Tel: +27 31 907 7128
email: miriam@mut.ac.za

Senior Secretary : Mrs M Govender
Tel. No. : +27 31 9077128
eMail: miriam@mut.ac.za