Thumbs up for the Skills Development launch

Refiloe Ntoi, left, with her students

One of the ardent supporters of student empowerment and development, Refiloe Ntoi has taken upon herself to expose students at each opportunity which is likely to open doors for her. Today’s participation in the Skills Development launch will give the students an opportunity to witness first-hand the R30 million award to the University by the MEC of Economic Development, Tourism and Environmental Affairs, Siboniso Duma.

To expose her students to stakeholders attending the launch, Ntoi organised a group of at least 20 students so that they do not miss out. “Students need to understand that networking plays a critical role in one getting higher and higher in life. These days, it takes a village to get young people into jobs of choice. I am here with my students to give them that glimpse of life. It cannot be that students from other universities are here and we do not channel our very own. I am all excited and hopeful that this will make a difference in their lives”, she said.

Ntoi cannot be truer. It takes a village to raise a child indeed and it also takes a good teacher to think of her students when opportunities rise. Ntoi is actively involved in many programmes aimed at exposing her students in best practices. This year, she led a group of students to the SASUF satellite conference to Unizulu where they met other students actively involved in internationalisation and the MUT students participated in a commendable manner.