The undaunted graduate now has offers for a new pair of heels

Asanda Khomo

A week after experiencing a faux pas moment during her graduation last week, Asanda Khomo has become a source of inspiration across all social media platforms.  The mishap aka “the broken qhoks” has left Asanda more positive and confident that when things go wrong you don’t shrink into a shell of embarrassment. You rise above that and move on. “Of course, I got overwhelmed on stage and tried a bit of our celebratory Zulu dance. Voila! My whole heel came off and I felt my foot floating. Everyone laughed, but oh well, I’m an Engineering graduate. I am a practical person and I had to move on.  On the bright side, this has brought me fame I never imagined. I’m called ‘the broken heel njiniyela (engineer) and have received very positive social media feedback for embracing education and my cultural roots.  Some even say I should frame my broken shoe as a reminder of a day when all the barriers in my life got shuttered leading to better opportunities as I am now a proud graduate with a diploma in Building.  I have received offers for a new pair of shoes, I’m a graduate and who knows this fame could lead to an offer of employment from someone reading my story, said,” Asanda.