The overview of teaching and learning online

A temporary hub of information and tools to help teachers during the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis.

This article includes ‘10 essential principles and practices of better online teaching’.

An openly accessible Google doc with links to free tools and resources.

This article compilation of good student-centered, authentic and flexible learning practices that should guide learning and teaching under any circumstances

Planning to teach online

This page has links to resources to help teachers in the transition to online teaching.

Register an account and search or browse to discover reusable learning activities.

Guidance for planning online classes.

Advice on how to use Google docs for collaborative writing and other group activities.

A summary of a few key concepts and ideas for any design teachers or tutors needing to think about online and distance education and act on it really quickly.

Developing engaging online learning activities

  1. Engaging Students Through online ActivitiesUniversity of Cape Town Centre for Innovation in Learning and Teaching

Guidance on activities that engage the students with the content, the teacher, and each other.

  1. Teaching with Google docsStephanie Hedge in Inside Higher Ed

Advice on how to use Google docs for collaborative writing and other group activities.

  1. Conducting Effective Online DiscussionsUniversity of New South Wales, part of Learning to Teach Online

Advice on how to engage students in productive discussions.

  1. Sharing, collecting, discussing: All possible with PadletHunter College Academic Centre for Excellence in Research and Teaching

 Tips for using the collaborative tool Padlet.

  1. Zoom: Teach Online Class Sessions, University of Minnesota

Advice for setting up a live class using Zoom, a web conferencing software

  1. Teaching in the context of COVID-19Jacqueline Wernimont (Dartmouth University), Cathy N. Davidson (CUNY Grad Center, USA)

An openly accessible Google doc with advice for teaching online.

  1. The COVID-19 Online PivotMartin Weller, The Open University

Blog post with links to a range of online teaching resources.

  1. Amazing Educational Resources, Hundreds (and growing) of education companies offering free access due to school closures.
  2. DoodleA free website that allows you to set polls for your students
  3. How to Quickly Turn Your Slides Into Narrated Videos, Richard Byrne
  4. Producing high quality media while working remotely, FutureLearn Studio

A guide for creating high quality media for online courses during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Assessing strategies of online courses/Alternative Assessments

Over 20 ideas for alternative assessments which can be completed online.

 5 Tips for designing online assessments

Guidance on assessments requiring students to record audio or video.

Study Skills for Self-Isolating Students

  1. Study SkillsThe Open University

Links to help with study skills for online learning, revising and assignment preparation (open resources just below the sign in)

  1. Academic SkillsThe University of Melbourne

Links to help develop academic skills, including studying effectively, research techniques and working with others.