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FYE- Q & A

As a means of supporting you as a first-year student, we have selected senior students as volunteers to help guide their assigned mentees in adapting to the university both socially and academically. Have a look at the information pamphlet to find out more about the programme, and get in contact with us if you have any challenges in finding out who your mentor is.  


TLDC Mentorship Flyer

We have 2 academic advisors per faculty, who would be able to assist you to address any of your academic challenges. Please find the contact details of your student academic advisors in a poster under the student support tab.  

We encourage you to use and keep track of your free MUT email that you are provided with. We often send through information and invitations using this email. This email is your identity at the university and an easy way on sharing important information throughout our academic journey. We have included a guide to accessing your email under the quick guide tab. 

The university official Learning Management System (LMS) is called Blackboard. It is important that you become aware of how to access the LMS as it contains a variety of important information including a special course for all first-year students. We have additional videos and links on the FYE blackboard site that will help you better understand your courses, give you access to videos that will guide you and prepare you for your journey as a student of MUT.  

When accessing the Blackboard site for the first time, please use your student number as the username and the password. If you face any challenges in logging on please contact the e-learning team. A poster can be found on the student support tab. 

Mainstream qualifications are primarily funded by NSFAS for qualifying students. Students not funded by NSFAS have a responsibility to apply for bursaries and scholarships available. For general enquiries, use this email addresses: enquiriesfao@mut.ac.za as a communication tool for better service delivery. To send Bank statements and certified copies of ID to: statements@mut.ac.za For all enquiries, all matters relating to NSFAS, Seta’s, Private bursaries and scholarships, Appeals, Unpaid allowances, Refunds, Payments, etc. send email to: enquiriesfao@mut.ac.za