Reviews- (Quality reviews in the academic and support sector)

Quality reviews are a quality assurance mechanism adopted by MUT as a means of assuring quality and ensuring continuous improvement in the quality of provision. The QMD conducts quality reviews across the academic and support sectors in the University. The review provides the opportunity for divisions across the University to engage in reflexive praxis and in so doing measure their own performance against set criteria with the aim of enhancing the quality of provision. A panel of peer experts, internal and external to the university, evaluates the unit under review against set criteria to identify strengths and areas of development and, based on that, make recommendations for improvement. The review culminates in a report with recommendations for improvement which divisions use in the development of their improvement plans to enhance the quality of provision. In this way the quality review provides information that will enable the University to make informed decisions about its programmes in terms of fitness for and of purpose, value for money and transformation. Further, the review measures the effectiveness and efficiency of the unit’s quality assurance systems (policies, systems, resources, and strategies) in achieving its goals and in contributing to the achievement of the University’s vision and strategic goals.