QMD Mandate


• Promote the culture of quality across the university

• Promote compliance with Quality Assurance Systems;

• Develop and Monitor the implementation of quality assurance policies, procedures and other quality-related related documents;

• Monitor the implementation of strategic priorities through appropriate review processes;

• Participate in institutional planning;

• Prepare for Institutional Audits;

• Facilitate Institutional links with the HEQC;

• Provide strategic quality-related guidance to academic and support departments;

• Conduct programme reviews;

• Provide quality-related support for programme development;

• Provide quality-related support for the development of short courses;

• Provide quality-related support for the approval and (re)accreditation process of academic programmes and short courses;

• Conduct departmental evaluations (Support and Academic Departments);

• Provide quality-related support to academic and support departments in drafting implementing improvement plans;

• Conduct student and graduate surveys;

• Assist the institution in the preparation for institutional audits;

• Facilitate capacity development in the field of quality assurance