Marketing and Communications

Marketing and Communications

The Marketing and Communications (MarComms) directorate aims to advance MUT’s mission and vision to all the University’s stakeholders through various communication and marketing channels with a strategic intent to elevate the profile, image and reputation of MUT both nationally and internationally.

We provide specialist professional services in the stakeholder relations management, marketing and communication disciplines. Our services are derived from our Integrated Marketing & Communications strategy and stakeholder mapping. Located within MarComms are two sections; Stakeholder Relations Management and Public Relations and Brand Management as well as event management. 

Through sound stakeholder relations activities and proactive stakeholder stewardship programmes; MarComms has created a positive image for MUT and is continuously building goodwill from the stakeholders. This has resulted in various investments like sponsored programmes and brand equity. Toward this end, MarComms has been spearheading the Anchor Strategy which is now the underpinning MUT Strategy 2025.

Our work is measured on a continuous programme through Advertising Value Equivalents (AVEs), web hits and various engagement programmes with strategic stakeholders.  

The key focus areas of the Marketing and Communications Department are:

Stakeholder Management | Conferences | Schools Liaison | Alumni Relations | Event Management Resource Mobilisation/Development | Public Relations | Media Relations | Brand Management Internal Communications | Publications and Marketing

University policy prescribes that all communication with the media as well as external partnerships interactions for the purpose of sponsorship and/or fundraising, must be channelled through MarComms.

Operational Structure

MarComms is headed by a Senior Director, Ms Mbali Mkhize. She is the overall line manager of MarComms and serves as the University’s spokesperson and point of contact for all communication and marketing functions. Stakeholder Relations is headed by the director; Mrs Zama Sishi (Stakeholders Relations).

Events Management

Institutional Events are both a PR and marketing activity. When the University hosts visitors it is an opportunity for us to publicise our offerings, accomplishments and value. Institutional events are those that are not departmentally specific but rather general and hosted on behalf of council, senate and executive management. MarComms is responsible for the conceptualisation, planning and coordination of such events.

Conferences are critical in helping us deliver new knowledge on various disciplines. They also provide a platform for academics and subject specialists to share their knowledge and research, thereby improving our academic credentials. MarComms provides services support in the planning and publicity of conferences.