Summit leader invites higher education students to enrol with his university to provide solutions to problems threatening human survival

Dr Victor Ibeanusi, standing, making a presentation at the University of Zululand

As a long-term spin-off of the Summit that will be hosted by the Mangosuthu University of Technology (MUT), from 1-4 July 2024, Florida Agriculture and Mechanical University (FAMU), MUT’s partner, has slots for students connected to the Summit participants, who would like to further their studies in the programmes that relate to the environment. The students will be offered financial assistance of $5,000 which is close to R100,000. The students can apply for this assistance via the FAMU website –  According to Dr Ibeanusi, the Dean, School of Environment at FAMU, the relevant education is the basis for the solutions to the problems that are related to the changes in the climate, particularly in these areas – water, energy, climate and food.  Dr Ibeanusi emphasised that there was a need for African students to enrol with his university as Africa, although not one of the major producers of greenhouses, was one the victims of the carbon emissions, and the effects of climate change. He cited the example of the Lake Chad, which he said was the major source of water for several countries, including northeast Nigeria, Niger and Cameroon. Lake Chad used to be the largest reservoir in the Sahel region. It used to cover 26 000 square kilometres. Now the lake covers less than one-fifth of that area. A climatologist from the University of Maiduguri in Nigeria, Abbas Mohammed, said it could be worse than that. For Dr Ibeanusi, it is imperative that solutions to threatening climatic conditions be found, and they only be provided by experts with the proper knowledge.