Successful Engineering alumni hire more MUT students

Nana Mzila

At least two students who graduated with a Diploma in Construction Management and Quantity Surveying (Building) this April have been rewarded for their toils. The recruits are Nontobeko Timamu, a Diploma in Building graduate and Vice-Chancellor’s Award recipient, and Gugu Shabangu, who also graduated with a cum laude. Nana Mzila, who graduated from MUT also with a Diploma in Construction Management and Quantity Surveying (Building) in 2007 has offered the two students job in her company – ISU Engineering Pty LTD. Mzila who has hired MUT graduates before, “and they’ve proven to be valuable assets to the technical team”, said she was impressed by Timamu’s and Shabangus’ academic performances.  “I believe it will be easy for me to groom and align them with industry standards and demands,” she said. Mzila said the positions were permanent, “subject to a successful probationary period and performance”.  The MUT graduates will stand a chance to receive tutelage from a serial winner.  Mzila was a nominee for the 2020 Sebenza Women Awards in the Best Woman in Construction category. She also received a Standard Bank Top Woman in the industry for 2021.  She said she also featured in many articles like Women of Rubies, a platform that celebrates women’s achievements.

Timamu said she felt “very honoured to be presented with this opportunity. I would love to join her team as I believe there is a lot, I would learn from working in her company”. Timamu has accepted the offer and is waiting to hear from Mzila.  Shabangu said she was waiting for a call from Mzila, for an interview.

Mzila said ISU Engineering PTY LTD specialises in construction services and project management under a variety of contracts, including Engineering Procurement, Construction Management, Design and Build. She said the company is highly competent in KwaZulu-Natal, performing infrastructure projects for government and Municipalities. The company was founded and registered in 2017, and it has been growing steadily since then.