Stakeholder stewardship a win for MUT

MarComms staff, in branded blazers, with Catherine Cebindevu at the UWC

The MarComms delegation attending the Marketing, Advancement and Communications in Education (MACE) conference at University of Western Cape has learned that stakeholder stewardship is reciprocal and deepens relationships. Immediately after the MACE formal conference, the team was invited to one of the highest offices for a ‘meet and greet’ in the Office of the DVC academic at UWC. The relationship between the MarComms office and Professor Vivienne Lawack, UWC’s DVC Academic stems from an Empowered Administrators Conference association. Executive Secretary to Prof Lawack, Catherine Cebindevu and some of her colleagues has been attending the EAC for years. Professional skills gained by Cebindevu at the EAC has enabled the DVC’s office to run like a well-oiled machine. Reflecting on how the incredible hospitality by the DVC’s office, MarComms team felt humbled and have said they will take the message home on the importance of stakeholder relations management. “We were treated like queens and kings and we hope to reciprocate this open-arms approach with every stakeholder that we meet. Being treated to a special lunch by Prof Lawack and her team is great testament to the impact of the work we do through the EAC,” said Zama Sishi, director, Stakeholder Relations Management.