Research, Innovation & Engagement | Partnerships

Research and innovation, is another core business of the university, is spearheaded by the institution’s Research, Innovation and Engagements Portfolio (RIE). The portfolio consists of the Research Department, the Technology Stations, Community Engagement, Rural Development, Partnerships, Marketing and Communications (Marcomms)

MUT explores the benefits of partnerships with business, academia, industry and government in driving the research and innovation (R&I) agenda to deliver solutions that will change the lives of South Africans, and the world. It also supports the view that while the forces of competitiveness and globalisation are accelerating the scope, pace and importance of cross-border R&I, strengthened by directed partnerships both within and outside of South Africa. A vibrant and internationally competitive science, technology and innovation (STI) system is critical to growing a knowledge-driven economy and improving the social well-being of South Africans.