Mission and Vision

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“To produce credible research by supporting research and development activities, enhancing the quality and quantity of appropriately skilled people and thus become a part of the problem solving mechanism for the region and the country”.1 The university’s location in Umlazi, Durban’s largest township, provides unique opportunities for use-inspired basic research which combines both usefulness and fundamental understanding. As a university of technology, MUT educates practitioners: students trained with immediately applicable vocational skills. This suggests that the majority of teaching and learning at MUT has an applied focus. Accordingly, research at MUT should be use-inspired harnessing this basic tenet and leveraging the university’s expertise as a university of technology. Many MUT students come from low income families where there has not previously been the opportunity to attend university. The university provides a safe and professional environment for building confidence and academic credentials. MUT has a deep understanding of the issues faced by disadvantaged students. Many of these students do not have access to postgraduate study and do not go on to seek it at other institutions. Combined with its location, the provision of opportunities for educational advancement to disadvantaged students gives MUT unique qualities among South African Higher Education Institutions. The university’s three Faculties cover a range of research fields that can contribute to the resolution of pressing contemporary challenges locally, nationally and internationally. 2  
1 Mangosuthu University of Technology: Research and Technology Transfer Handbook. A Guide for Researchers on Campus. 2015 2 Framework for a Research and Innovation Policy Consultative Workshop, 5-6 October 2015, Mangosuthu University of Technology.