Protection Services gives safety tips to protect students and staff during registration

Protection Services staff working at the gate, at main campus

As the University prepares for the 2024 academic year January registration, the Protection Services unit has appealed to both students and staff, to be very vigilant of the scammers that take a chance to rob students of their cash. Jackson Rammala, Head of Protection Services, gave a list of safety tips that will help particularly the new students, so they do not become victims of the scammers.  Here are the tips, says Rammala: Do not accept help from strangers; look for University staff members that can be identified by their staff cards; ask them to show you their cards before you divulge any information to them. Also, never leave your personal belongings unattended anywhere within campus, and at the gates. Keep your vehicle always locked. Check if all doors are locked; scammers use remote door jammers. Never Park your vehicle on the pavement or on walkways. Look for security personnel to help you with parking. Be on the lookout for individuals that might request money to assist you. Report any medical emergency to security personnel that are clearly visible because they wear their unique uniform. If a crime is committed in your presence, please inform the nearest Protection Services member. Here are the important numbers to call the Protection Services Campus Control Room – 031 907 4444, or 031 907 7385.