Directions to MUT

There are three ways to get to MUT by public transport;

By taxi

If you come by taxi from town, the taxi will drop you off at the gate to the University. Remember to tell the driver to drop you off at the MUT gate. It will be easy to see because the name is written in bold letters at the gate. There are three taxi routes that go past MUT, MNR taxis, U taxis and AA & BB. You can catch a taxi from one of these three taxi ranks in the city centre;
• Pine Street, next to Game Store
• West Street, opposite Russell’s furniture shop
• Pine Street, next to the Cathedral Catholic Church

By Bus

If you come to MUT by bus, you must catch the Durban Transport bus. The bus will drop you off at the bus stop next to the University gate. There are three different bus routes that travel past MUT. The UMLAZI 2, UMLAZI 4, UMLAZI 7.
You can get any of these buses from the following bus ranks:
• Bus rank next to the Workshop shopping centre
• Bus stops ’emakethe’ near Berea Station

By train

If you come to MUT by train you must catch the Umlazi train and get off at KwaMnyandu station. The University is walking distance from the station.