MUT VC welcomes US guest, Dr Hofecker

MUT Acting VC and Principal, Professor Marcus Ramogale, right, with Dr Terry Hofecker

Professor Marcus Ramogale, Acting Vice-Chancellor and Principal, set aside time to host Dr Terry Hofecker, a partner from the state of Ohio, USA, who visited MUT to craft a way forward on how MUT and Soil 1 LLC could meet targets set in the MOA. A very elated Professor Ramogale welcomed Dr Hofecker and they had an opportunity to catch up on other doors that Dr Hofecker is currently opening for MUT. It is not easy to partner with USA universities, especially when one has not shared similar histories or previously collaborated with. “As MUT we sincerely appreciate your support Dr Hofecker. We know that this will move MUT to a 21st Century university we aspire to be. I am heartened that you also plan to be a part of the EnergyWaterFoodClimate Nexus Summit that MUT will host in July. I am confident that your session will be of great impact in what we are trying to achieve,” said Professor Marcus Ramogale.

Professor Ramogale will be known for his legacy in creating an internationalisation agenda for MUT which he has directed the MarComms department to roll-out. To date, this directive is moving with great success, thanks to the VC’s leadership in this agenda. In a dinner that they had later in the day with other staff members that will be part of the research project to be conducted by MUT and its US partners as per the MOA,  Professor Ramogale requested further engagements; both institutions have committed to make this partnership a success, and to have greater spin offs resulting from this partnership which include other ventures with universities such as Sinclair College and Ohio State University and private institutions.