MUT staff spend a week at Megacity to help prospective students with registration information

Sthembile Ndlovu, left, with a community member who came to the stand to find out about registration-related matters

In trying to reduce the registration-related problems at the beginning of the year, the University’s Department of Marketing and Communications staff decided to be proactive and avail themselves to prospective students and the public to give them the much-required information about applications and registration for the 2024 academic year. Sthembile Ndlovu, the Schools Liaison Officer and her assistant Ayanda Bulose gave learners, parents, and the general public vital information to equip them for their university life next year.

“We are assisting mainly those prospective students who did not apply with their late applications, also those who applied but wanted to change their choices.  We also provided information on NSFAS applications. We decided to do the application drive from 21 November, a day when the NSFAS applications opened.  We also wanted to create awareness in Umlazi Township that NSFAS applications are now open, and we are available to assist them with submitting their applications. It is also very important that we give the prospective students and parents the correct information that will make them make the right decisions,” Ndlovu said.

MUT through its Anchor Strategy is very mindful that learners and parents are faced with many challenges making it difficult or even impossible for some to do online applications.  The announcement for the application drive on social media reached out beyond Umlazi township, which is an indication of how the support is needed. “Although we were expecting a big response, we were surprised to learn that some of the parents and learners we assisted had travelled as far as Pietermaritzburg. Yesterday, was also another surprise as there were already 15 students who were in the queue even before we started. They were with their parents. We are grateful that all our efforts to reach out to prospective students have also been heard by the parents who are the ones who are now bringing their children to ensure they are registered”, said Bulose.