MUT ready for registration, come Monday, but…

Zolisa Gqamane

It is all systems go! The University is ready to register the thousands of new and returning students for the 2024 academic year. Last year the University had an enrolment of more than 14 000 students, a far cry from the 15, all male students that enrolled when the University opened as a technikon in 1979. Zolisa Gqamane, Deputy Registrar: Academic Administration, confirmed this after an online three-hour meeting with all the stakeholders that took place on 18 January 2024.  Gqamane said the period for the 2024 academic year first semester enrolment was 22 January to 2 February, for all annual and semester programmes, with lectures starting on 5 February 2024.

Gqamane had more: “During the meeting all the stakeholders confirmed their readiness. The loose ends will be tied up during the intervening period.”  For instance, the online registration system will be opened soon before the registration date, which is next Monday.  Nkosana Jijimba, Business Analyst: Student Systems, reported that all the labs where the online registration would take place were ready. However, participants in the meetings pointed out that they were worried that some circumstances beyond their control could derail their arrangements. One of these is the anticipated late response from NSFAS with the final NSFAS funded list for returning students.  The University cannot finalise its registration process before receiving the required funded lists from NSFAS, which funds most of its students.

Some of the stakeholders that took part in the meeting were Student Affairs, Student Representative Council (SRC), Protection Services, Academic departments, Academic Administration, the Registrar, Finance and the Financial Aid.