MUT Radio welcomes a new recruit

Khanya May, right, and Mnotho Xulu, the co-driver of the show

MUT Radio has hired a new DJ. Explaining how she landed this broadcasting gig, Khanya said that coming from a creative background in theatre, dance, film and interest in journalism and storytelling, “I developed an interest in voice acting, voice overs and podcasting. After starting a podcast with my father and working with Ntokozo Buthelezi, Marius Botha and Lu Dlamini at The Headroom studio on the podcast, I was told about the incredible work being done at the MUT Radio and wanted to join the team.

Khanya’s full name is Khanya May Apelgren, but she goes as ‘Khanya May’. Commenting about her show, Khanya May said, “on a personal level I am learning a lot, not only about the technical aspects of broadcasting, but also how to use and trust my voice, and engage with wonderful, interesting people. She said they encourage listeners to engage with them throughout the show. “We want to hear their thoughts, feelings and opinions on what is happening around them, and the world. This can be through WhatsApp, calling us, or social media. We also plan to continue inviting guests from our listeners to join us in studio to chat with us and share their stories.” 

The show is a time to hangout like friends do. “Sometimes it’s all fun and games; other times there are hard but important conversations that must be had. But above all, it’s about seeing through the afternoon with good vibes and good music,” she said.

Khanya May has a Bachelor of Social Science, majoring in Politics and Governance, African Studies, Film and Television Studies, from the University of Cape Town.

Khanya May also has a very serious side. She is a far-looking and is committed community developer. “I think it is important to note that while I am not from Umlazi or a fluent IsiZulu speaker, I am optimistic about a more integrated and diverse city and country. I am very proud of where I come from and want to learn from others and share what I can. In my final year of university, I founded The Margaret Apelgren Foundation in Durban. The foundation focuses on research and development of Coloured communities in South Africa through education, psychology, and media.

“I think identity is an integral part of growing a strong, cohesive and healthy society. I hope to contribute that passion to the work of MUT Radio in uplifting and celebrating the identity of its students, community, and listeners,” said Khanya May.