MUT Radio staff win awards for their contribution to the two-year-old radio

MUT Radio staff with their certificates. Seated are Radio Management, and Nunu Luthuli, right

Saturday became a night of the stars for the MUT Campus Radio crew where they were thanked for their toils towards the progress of the more than two years online radio station. The crew won awards in different categories, and certificates for their volunteerism in the radio station. Training students from various backgrounds, schools, and disciplines is one of the most complex trainings that anyone could ever accomplish. The

crew is led by a seasoned SABC veteran with more than 26 years in radio. Overnight, the team’s attitude and professionalism are outstanding. This is evidenced by rave reviews on social media platforms and even on the station itself, where callers do appreciation calls to the station.

The inaugural 2023 MUT Radio Awards winners are as follows: the Best Radio Presenter was Sibusiso Lushozi for the way he presents the Vukubangene Breakfast Show. Winning the MUT Radio Best Presenter award, Lushozi said, “This is a surreal and humbling experience, one that fills me with gratitude and pride. It fuels my passion for radio and work at MUT Radio”. Lushozi said it was not easy for him; he had to make sacrifices. “The journey to this accolade demanded dedication, consistency, and a genuine love for the art of broadcasting. MUT, my home, has a vibrant culture and a diverse community. Radio, especially at MUT Radio, becomes a platform to amplify the voices and stories of those around me”.

This podcast version of the Vukubangene Breakfast Show also attracted attention as a Podcast with Most Engagement winner. The Best Newcomer Award went to Lindelwa Maphumulo. Maphumulo drives the Weekend Breakfast Show. The Most Improved Award winner went to Mukelisiwe Dludla. Dludla is a co-host of the Ushuni Wengoma Show on Saturday. Ushuni Wengoma, had another winner  – Bhuto’mncane. Bhuto’mncane was chosen the Best Content Producer for King Africa’s very popular show.  Amahle Mncwango became the Best News Anchor winner for the way she reads the news.

The programme also had a funny part – the Duck Awards Honorees. The recipients for these awards did not show too much emotions, however. The honorees were as follows: Lusanda Mnqayi, a former MUT Radio presenter. Mnqayi is an entrepreneur, a TV presenter, and public speaker. King Africa, the host of Ushuni Wengoma host, was also awarded, so was Awethu Kelese, for his Hlanganani Midday Show.