MUT Radio staff get empowered to do more

Mbali Mkhize giving the MUT Radio team words of advise

The 17 MUT Radio team were busy with other matters on the weekend of 25-26 November 2023, not with their ‘usual’, the stuff they so expertly do every day. The team had to leave their beloved studio to take part in the training that was led by the Media Maverick Consultancy (Pty) Ltd (MMC). MMC’s Carlito Sheik said the theme of the training was: “Enhancing MUT’s brand architecture – becoming more Tech-Savvy,” underscored the importance of incorporating technology to elevate engagement through MUT Radio and other communication channels. The title of the training was: Empowering Future Voices.

Sheik said that MMC brought a wealth of experience to the “eager” participants, sharing insights and techniques honed over decades in the ever-evolving field of broadcast media. “The goal was not just to impart technical skills, but also to instil a deeper understanding of the role technology plays in shaping and enhancing brand identity”.

Sheik said that the training emphasized the integration of modern technologies in radio broadcasting, providing participants with hands-on experience in using cutting-edge tools. From mastering digital sound editing software to understanding the intricacies of live streaming, the volunteers gained practical skills that are crucial in today’s fast-paced media landscape. The participants benefited from the vast knowledge of Microsoft’s Sandile Mahlaba; Mahlaba explained, and demonstrated the effects of Artificial Intelligence, and how the radio team could take advantage of the new technology. The MUT Radio’s Technical Manager, Ntokozo Buthelezi, gave the staff a lecture on how to use the mixing desk.

Addressing the radio staff, Senior Director in the Department of Marketing and Communications, Mbali Mkhize, said that “being a DJ is mammoth task. You talk to thousands of people”. Mkhize told the MUT Radio staff that all their activities should be guided by the University’s values. She went to list and explained these values.

“Accountability”, Mkhize said. “You need to be accountable.  Admit where you ‘messed up’ and accept the responsibility.” Mkhize advised the radio staff to be “careful of what you do. You can’t afford to nasty to people”.

Next for the radio staff was a lesson on morals, which Mkhize said was Integrity. “Have morals. Do what is good. Even when no one is watching. The things you do, the things you post on social media have a bearing on the personality of the University. The things you do have a potential to compromise the reputation of MUT,” Mkhize said.

Mkhize also talked about respect, which she said was a two-way process. “We all need respect each other, even though we come from different age groups.” She said that ‘respect’ was relative, and was based on the different backgrounds that people have.

Mkhize also talked about ‘excellence’, which she said was to accompany everything the radio team was doing or saying about the University.