MUT Radio looking for radio presenters

The Mangosuthu University of Technology (MUT) radio station MUT Radio is looking for new talent to be on air for the radio station based in Umlazi.

If you would like to apply to be a radio presenter please make sure that you are a registered MUT student. It also helps if you have a passion or interest in radio or presenting.

For those MUT students that are interested in becoming a DJ it is always best to create a digital profile first on a website or Facebook page, Instagram page, Tik Tok or You Tube.

‘’It is extremely important to complete a qualification in one of the following areas, sound engineering or Media and Journalism Studies or Public Relations, also consider picking up digital content production and editing skills. You can also become a volunteer DJ/Journalist at your local University/College Campus Radio Station, online and/or community radio stations. Your other option is to start your own online radio station – no better way to learn the art of radio broadcasting than this. The point is to learn and expose yourself to as many opportunities as possible at all levels within the sector,’’ advised Carl Sheik, CEO, Media Maverick Consultancy.

MUT students that are interested in being a radio presenter will have to submit a demo recording to MUT Radio. The radio station is looking for potential talent that have a great voice, great personality and are eager to learn by doing what is necessary. MUT Radio is also looking for News readers, Sports Readers, Producers, and a Hip Hop Show Host.

Carl Sheik shared some tips on what makes an impressive demo:

Plan your content: Before recording, create a detailed outline or script for your demo. Decide on the topics you want to cover and the sequence of segments or shows you’ll include. A well-structured demo will showcase your range and abilities as a radio broadcaster.

Engage your audience: A compelling demo should grab the listener’s attention and hold it throughout. Use your voice to convey energy, enthusiasm and confidence. Vary your tone, pace and delivery to keep the audience engaged. Speak directly to the listener.

Showcase versatility: Radio broadcasters often must adapt to different formats and styles. Include various segments in your demo. For example, you can include news updates, interviews, music introductions, or even a mock live broadcast.

Pay attention to audio quality: Invest in a decent microphone and record in a quiet environment. Use headphones and monitor sound quality. Clean, crisp audio works best.

Keep it concise and focused: Radio demos should be concise and highlight your best work. Keep the duration at between three to five minutes.

‘’Edit and polish your demo. You don’t record the full song, only 5 seconds of the song (for music station demos). After recording, carefully listen to the recording and edit out any mistakes, pauses or unwanted noises. Remember, the goal of a radio broadcasting demo is to captivate potential employers to showcase your talent,’’ said Carl Sheik.

For more tips and a free evaluation on your radio demo please email and ensure your demo is no longer than 3 – 5 minutes.

Students who would like to submit their demo to MUT Radio should submit it to

For media enquiries and interviews contact Slindile Ngobese, Program and News Manager, MUT Radio


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