MUT management bowled over by presentation by Ghana University Vice-Chancellor

Professor Emmanuel Ohele Afoakwa addressing MUT and GCTU staff at the Council Chamber

MUT management were bowled over by presentation by the Ghana Communication Technology University (GCTU) Vice-Chancellor, Professor Emmanuel Ohele Afoakwa at the University’s Council Chamber on 27 February 2024. Professor Afoakwa’s presentation was ‘Building a world-class scholarly profile’. What bowled MUT staff over even more was Professor Afoakwa’s visionary leadership, which he said should start even before academics are promoted to higher ranks. As part of a personal plan for progression, the academics should also make time to observe, and study university management documents so that they would not found wanting when they have been promoted; promotion is largely based on academic achievement, not on how much an individual knows about university management.  Professor Afoakwa also emphasized the need for academics to impart knowledge upon the students so that the students would well-groomed when they graduate. This grooming should create a desire on the part of the students to emulate their lecturers and take the required steps to contributing to knowledge creation.

The MUT staff’s response to Professor Afoakwa’s presentation was a huge round of applause, which they clearly indicated was from the heart, and was well deserved. Professor Nokuthula Sibiya, MUT’s Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Research, Innovation and Engagement (RIE), said: “I congratulate the GCTU for being led by such a visionary Vice-Chancellor. I am impressed by your CV. It shows your commitment to being a scholarly vice-chancellor.” Professor Sibiya also sought advice from Professor Afoakwa about University ranking, which Professor Afoakwa said was very important for universities’ progression and how they would be regarded on the world stage.

Dr Bheka Ntshangase, the Dean of the Faculty of Management Sciences at MUT, said Professor Afoakwa’s presentation “talked to the foundation of what a university that wants to grow should do.  We need to enhance our research output”. Dr Ntshangase said he had a similar plan when he took over as dean. Now there is a big change in the faculty. Staff are obtaining higher qualifications, mainly PhDs. “This presentation was talking to me. It is very encouraging,” said Dr Ntshangase.

Prof Roger Coopoosamy, the Dean of the Faculty of Natural Sciences, applauded Professor Afoakwa for highlighting the importance of research. Professor Coopoosamy is an award-winning researcher himself. He also said it was important that departments be led by academics with the necessary qualifications.

Professor Babatunde Bakare, the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, said what Professor Afoakwa said resonated with him. He thanked Professor Afoakwa for highlighting the importance of mentorship. Professor Bakare has graduated several PhDs, some are MUT staff.