MUT Founder’s preservation centre staff show appreciation for MUT efforts at keeping his legacy

In front of the Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi Museum and Documentation Centre, on the foot of the University Founder’s statue, are, from left, Dalinhlanhla Buthelezi, from the Zululand Municipality Distract; Bheki Hlophe from MUT; S Ngcobo, a PMBMDC Board Member; Sibusiso Ngcoya, PMBMDC Manager; and Zothani Buthelezi, the PMBMDC Curator

The University has once again, made the annual delivery to KwaPhindangene family. KwaPhindangene is the residence of the University’s late Founder, Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi. On 24 January 2024, Bheki Hlophe and Sthembile Maphumulo, of the Department of Marketing and Communications, delivered calendars and copies of the MUT Spirit to the Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi Museum and Documentation Centre (PMBMDC) in Ulundi in the north of KwaZulu-Natal. The centre then takes the publications to KwaPhindangene. They also give copies to the visitors and their families and members of the public.

Mbali Mkhize, Senior Director of the department, said her department does this out of necessity. “We have to duty to maintain good relations with all our stakeholders. The Buthelezi family is the most important stakeholder for the reasons that we all know. Prince Buthelezi is the Founder of our Institution. But what is more pleasing is that his family is very supportive of the relationship we have with the Founder. They love the University. For instance, the Founder’s son, Prince Ntuthukoyezwe, who is now Chief of the Buthelezi tribe, has graced at least two of our events since the passing away of his father in September last year,” said Mkhize. Mkhize added that it was even more important to keep the relationship with the Buthelezi family now that the Founder has passed away. “It is a cultural obligation to do that. This is how we show respect for those who have passed away. We all must keep the legacy of Prince Buthelezi going,” said Mkhize.

Accepting the publications, the Manager of the centre, Sibusiso Ngcoya, said they were very appreciative of the University’s gesture. “No words can do justice in appreciating the effect of your gesture when giving calendars, diaries and various assorted MUT materials, year after year, without fail. The significance of this practice, I should call it, cannot only be seen by the human; it also allows the spirit of uMntwana (Prince Buthelezi) to ooze through our lives and be a propelling force in our endeavour not only to preserve his heritage, but also to enhance it to eternity.

Ngcoya’s sentiments were supported by the Curator in the centre, Zothani Buthelezi. Zothani said the “visit is always a great pleasure to us as Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi Museum and Documentation Centre. One cannot fail to express how grateful we are for MUT’s tangible actions of recognizing and honouring MUT’s Founder’s legacy by everything that you do out of love and respect. We don’t take your publications as just publications, but as fragile vases that are filled with love and warmth”.