MUT fills a Limpopo graduate with joy as she heads home with an Accounting Diploma

Faresa Londolanani Makhuvha, middle, with her aunt, left, and her mother

Faresa Londolanani Makhuvha graduated with her Diploma in Accounting. She chose to travel 956.8 kilometres, from Tshitereke, Limpopo, to register with MUT. There were other post-matric schools in the country, many closer to home. On 17 April 2024, Faresa was joined by family, who traveled the same distance. All clad in their traditional attires, and conversing in their home language, they all posed for a picture. The Founder of the University, Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi would have been proud. This is the very reason he founded the Institution 45 years ago. Prince Buthelezi wanted everyone to benefit from his ideas.

Faresa said it was prayer that saw her through her evening studies. Faresa’s story is an example of commitment and resolve. This is typical of students who come from afar; the long distance has a positive effect on them. “I do not have a study method other than starting my session with a prayer to get a blueprint on what and how to study. During the daytime I would attend classes to get clarity on what I don’t understand. I followed some of the YouTube channels.  That also helped me to get more knowledge and skills on how to attempt questions,” she said. She also added that there were tutors assigned by the University to help her with her studies.

Faresa said that after the sessions she reviewed what she studied. “During exams I studied day and night.  I rested when I felt tired, and then returned to my desk.’

Faresa said graduating was stirring mixed emotions, “firstly, thinking of how hard I worked to earn the diploma and how the difficult and unpredictable journey was. But above all, I feel so happy and fulfilled. This honestly feels like a dream come true for me. As a first person to graduate at home I am happy and grateful that this is indeed a new beginning and an answered prayer,” Faresa concluded.