MUT Enactus and partners host a technology Masterclass

MUT Enactus students at one of the exhibitions stands

Although they are known for their involvement in business, the MUT Enactus this time was involved in highlighting the importance of technology in business. On 7 November 2023, the University’s North Campus hosted a Digital Transformation Masterclass, which was organized to shed light on the advancements in technology and prepare individuals for the imminent Fifth Industrial Revolution (5IR). The Digital Transformation Masterclass, a collaborative effort between Enactus MUT, Blackhorse, Dunga Creations, and Dawn Hutchnson, aimed to educate participants on the utilisation of cutting-edge technologies and their applications in various fields. The Deputy President of the MUT Enactus, and Marketing Diploma student, Nolwethu Buthelezi, said that the primary objective of the meeting was to equip attendees, especially students, with the necessary knowledge and skills to seamlessly adapt to the forthcoming 5IR. Although 4IR is currently regarded as the latest point in technological advancement, the attendees were shown by four exhibitors, Regent Business School, Go Digital SA Foundation, Ithala Edu Platforms and Dunga Creations, how technology has been progressing over time. That way they would learn to appreciate the new technology, and that human development has been influenced by technology for a long time, and that this technology wave continues.

The collaboration between Enactus MUT and other partners emphasizes the importance of technology in the realm of business. Buthelezi said: “Entrepreneurs, being the driving force of our economy can significantly benefit from the knowledge gained at the Masterclass. By leveraging technology, entrepreneurs can enhance their productivity, reduce dependency on foreign resources, and contribute positively to the economy.” She also said that the Masterclass serves as a platform for entrepreneurs to learn and implement technological solutions within their ventures.

The Masterclass also addressed concerns regarding the impact of technological advancements on employment. Buthelezi said, “while it is true that every revolution brings about changes in the job market, technology-driven innovations also create new employment opportunities. As machines require skilled operators, there is a need for individuals to adapt and acquire relevant skills to secure employment in the evolving job landscape”.

The attendees were introduced to innovative technologies such as 3-D printers. For Buthelezi, from a business perspective, such printers “can be instrumental for entrepreneurs in developing prototypes for their businesses”. Buthelezi also said that attendees would be awarded certificates upon successful completion of the Masterclass. The certificates will validate the attendees’ newly acquired expertise in technology utilisation.

The exhibition witnessed the participation of over 50 students. Buthelezi said the event provided a valuable learning experience, fostering a deeper understanding of the transformative potential of technology in the lives of people and businesses.

Nasiphi Matikinca, Public Relations Officer of Enactus MUT, said she learnt the purpose of digital transformation. Matikinca said that prompted her to think that strategies are essential for digital transformation to keep up with the 4IR.