MUT DVC pens a thought leadership on a HERS-SA publication

Professor Nokuthula Sibiya, who still regards herself as a nurse

Professor Nokuthula Sibiya, MUT’s DVC for Research, Innovation, and Engagements (RIE) has penned an inspiring piece on Galvanising women’s executive leadership in the HERS-SA magazine as the magazine celebrates 20-years of making a difference in women leadership. It is of record that women are still under-represented in South African universities’ leadership positions, be it middle, senior, and executive positions. In the article, which first showcases her systemic rise to one of the second highest positions in university leadership, the reader sees her meteoric rise from the grassroots in academia that is marked by tangible results of her hard work, regardless of the position she has held. In each position, there is evidence of gains made and how it has an impact across her institution.

As the article ends, Professor Sibiya, says: “I urge universities to support women to attend HERS-SA Academy initiatives to advance equity and empowerment of women in leadership in higher education.”

Full article on the RIE website>>>