MUT and SANEDI to sign an MOU set to elevate MUT to greater heights

Dr Titus Mathe

As MUT prepares for the EnergyWaterFoodClimate nexus summit, it has ensured that strategic partners are

Sicelo Xulu

brought right at inception of discussions. From Thursday, Professor Nokuthula Sibiya, with Mbali Mkhize senior director MarComms as one of the summit’s strategists for the EnergyWaterFoodClimate nexus summit met with powered representatives from the South African Energy Development Institute (SANEDI). These were Dr Titus Mathe, SANEDI CEO, a sharp bright mind that rose from MUT to Howard University, USA, and to become one of SA’s most respectable energy thought leaders, together with Mr Sicelo Xulu, Chairperson of the board and also one of the MUT gems who is revered by the country for his astute and global approach to energy leadership; be it fossil or renewable energy.

Looking at the opportunity to collaborate with MUT for the summit, Dr Mathe first presented SANEDI’s

mandate and showed alignment with what MUT seeks to do in the summit. Most importantly, Dr Mathe put an emphasis on a need for an MoU between both organisations.

“I would like us to look at the longevity of this project, it must continue beyond the summit and must be time-driven”, said Dr Mathe, following a detailed workshop on the management of the summit and the role that would be played by SANEDI. Mr Sicelo Xulu, the SANEDI Board Chairperson made invaluable contributions to how the SANEDI involvement would add value to the EnergyWaterFoodClimate nexus summit and how both MUT and Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University could work with SANEDI. Professor Nokuthula Sibiya has expressed her appreciation for Professor Marcus Ramogale’s suggestion to task both her and Ms Mbali Mkhize to lead this global initiative. It is an initiative all set to put MUT on the global map. Indeed, the summit presents opportunities for publications in peer-reviewed journals, which is music to Professor Sibiya’s ears.