Moses Kotane Institute continues to open doors for MUT

Third from right, seated MKI Acting CEO, Advocate Lihle Mapipa, with, from left, also seated, Siyacanda Energy’s CEO, Dr Olu Ajayi; former SA Consul-General in California, Cyril Ndaba; and MKI, MUT and FAMU staff, and Umlazi Township school teachers, at MKI, after the meeting

This week, MUT learnt a lesson that an institutional partner’s net worth is not just on the piece of paper signed as an MoU but that a partner easily understands their partners’ problems. The Moses Kotane Institute’s (MKI) willingness to support other MUT initiatives is applaudable.  Given the water challenges at MUT, the University reached out to its partner, MKI to host not just a stakeholder engagement planning meeting with government, NPO partners, and high schools, but also assisted in hosting an executive meeting which ended very late past their normal working hours. “We are grateful to the MKI CEO, Advocate Lihle Mapipa and her MANCO for hosting close to 40 MUT participants and stakeholders. The University has wide-ranging programmes with MKI and this benevolence adds to many acts of kindness towards MUT by the MKI. MUT may rest assured of greater spin-offs from the partnership with MKI. Last year, MKI received a grant application from MUT and spearheaded the R30 million grant to MUT”, said Mbali Mkhize, senior director, MarComms. One of the programmes for the summit that resonated with Advocate Lihle Mapipa is the role of the summit in empowering local high schools.