Mandela month round-up: MUT meets refugee youth and parents

Foreground, Sithembile Ndlovu

A few weeks ago, MUT visited the Refugee Social Services Centre to build relations and broaden its knowledge on the refugee community. As a result of that outreach, Study Trust invited MUT on Thursday, 28 July to be a part of the Road Show where it explained funding opportunities to the refugee community.

Study Trust is funded as an educational trust and public benefit organisation which connects learners with potential and determination to bursary and scholarship opportunities. “I am here to make your application through the Central Applications Office seamless and worthwhile”, said Tracy Sithembile Ndlovu as she explained how her office, Schools Liaison has taken it upon itself to go an extra mile towards assisting refugees to gain access to MUT. The outreach was part of the Mandela month celebrations and was more to inspire young minds even those not from SA that education as Mandela said, ‘is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world’. Mbali Mkhize, senior director, Marketing and Communications, thanked the parents for attending the outreach meeting with their children, and explained how the internationalisation efforts at MUT also included the recruitment of international students. “We believe that at MUT the presence of more international students will be an invaluable experience for our students as we roll out the Internationalisation at Home agenda. Within this agenda, we do believe that intercultural communication between our students and those coming from outside SA will be broadened and allow for curiosity among our students about other cultures. Many employers are already looking at students with a different worldview given the impact of globalisation. It is therefore befitting to expose our students to sharing a class with students from other countries. The next visit will be by the parents and their children to MUT. On that day, I hope we could get most of our colleagues from other countries to meet all of you. You will also get to experience our culture and what we have to offer”, she added.