Level of engagement at SOTU shows respect for the executive

Baboo Brijlal and Rodney Delomoney, before taking to the podium

Yet again, this year’s SOTU provided both MUT staff and students an opportunity to openly engage on matters that affect them. This shows a level of stability that the University has maintained. Although both staff and students expressed frustrations at some of the challenges, these were presented in a more collegial manner to show that they understand what the Executive is trying to achieve, but at the same time expressing an appeal that the matters be addressed in a reasonable manner. Some interesting questions ranged from staff members lamenting the implementation of a performance management system, which they were assured by the senior director: HR&D, Baboo Brijlal, that that was on the cards; augmenting financial challenges with strategic funding plans, for which the CFO, Rodney Delomoney, gave assurance that there were fundraising goals set; the maintenance plan for implementation concern was also noted for speedy address.

The most difficult to swallow was a 10% increment question especially after the CFO’s presentation on the University’s state of finances, giving credence to the adage that numbers do not lie; and on the senior director: HR&D’s presentation on how the University was pursuing a strategy of staff retention.