Health and Wellness

FYE-Health and Wellness

Student Housing

Meet the broader Social Residence Environment, to keep away from Academic Pressure we offer social and awareness programs

We Foster the community atmosphere in Residences which creates opportunity for personal growth and development. we develop and facilitate programs which address the needs of the residence community

Sports and Recreation

Healthy Body Produces healthy minds, our units consist of virous sport codes for students at MUT such as Hockey, Netball, Football, Athletics, Rugby, and Volleyball.

Structures our sport compete on:

  • University Sport South Africa (USSA Games): National winter and summer competitions. All sports codes.
  • USSA KZN Leagues: Provincial leagues for institutions within KZN. Played on away and home basis.
  • SAB League       :SAFA Regional League.
  • KZNRU Provincial League: Provincial rugby league.

Campus Health

Primary Health Care Services include assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of minor disorders of an acute or chronic nature according to pre-defined protocols. Provision of one-on-one health education to clients during consultations.

Provide Sexual Reproductive Health Services

  • Fertility Control Services – Issue pills, injections and insert intradermal Implants (Family Planning)
  • Management of sexually transmitted infections using tablets and or injections.
  • Provide HIV Counselling and Testing Services

Health Promotion and Disease Management

  • Health promotion programs through awareness of diseases / medical conditions.
  • Peer Education to create HIV & AIDS awareness through peer educators (students that volunteer to become teach others about HIV & AIDS)

Facilitate health promotion presentations in the student residences.
Provide Occupational Health

  • Conduct medical surveillance and biological monitoring
  • Do physical examinations
  • Conduct screening tests for the early detection and prevention of work-related tests
  • Emergency Services
  • Putting up an intravenous line/s.
  • Attending to uterine bleeding
  • Management of emergency cases namely injuries, on and off duty, illnesses namely Asthma attacks, uterine bleeding, delivering babies etc.
  • Screening, management and referral of medical emergencies including injuries on duty.