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    Faculty of Management Sciences | Tuesday, 17 April 2018
    Departments of Accounting & Law and
    Public Administration & Economics


    Faculty of Management Sciences | Wednesday, 18 April 2018
    Departments of Human Resource Management,
    Marketing and Office Management & Technology


    Faculty of Natural Sciences | Thursday, 19 April 2018


    Faculty of Engineering | Friday, 20 April 2018
    Departments of Chemical Engineering, Construction Management &
    Quantity Surveying and Electrical Engineering


    Faculty of Engineering | Saturday, 21 April 2018
    Departments of Civil Engineering & Survey and Mechanical Engineering

    For further information, contact the Examinations Department on 031-907 7118 / 907 7166/ 907 7270 or email: ;  or


    The University’s official colours for the neckbands (hood) are:

    • Management Sciences  -  Turquoise
    • Engineering  -  Olive Green
    • Analytical Chemistry and Information Technology  -  Cinnamon
    • Health Sciences  -  Spectrum Violet
    • Agriculture; Nature Conservation and Community Extension  -  Marigold/ Orange


    Diplomates will not be allowed to wear mortar boards (caps), but graduates receiving B.Tech, Advanced Diplomas, Postgraduates and Masters should wear a black mortar board with a black tassel. Satin hoods will not be allowed.



    Please enter through the Dr Pixley Seme hall entrance and proceed to park at the rugby field.



    A maximum of three guests per graduate will be allowed. Admission cards must be collected before the ceremony from the Department of Marketing and Communications. Those students who will be travelling from far can collect their tickets on the day of ceremony outside Seme Hall, at the rugby grounds entrance.


    Please note that students who owe fees will not be allowed to participate in the graduation ceremony programme and will not be issued admission tickets.


    In the interest of an orderly ceremony, please comply with the following procedures.

    • You are requested to honour the solemnity of the occasion by refraining from all distractive activities, including talking, eating, drinking or noisy behaviour during official proceedings.
    • Please make sure that your cellular telephone is placed on silent mode during the ceremony.
    • You are requested to rise when the Academic Procession enters the hall and take your seat when the Chancellor gives the signal to do so.
    • Qualifications will be awarded in the same order as published in the programme.
    • At the end of the ceremony, please remain standing until the Academic Procession has left the hall.


    The procedure for graduands is as follows:

    • Rise from your seat and approach the Dean with your hood draped over your left arm. Hand over your presentation card to the Dean and wait for him/her to read out your name.
    • Walk up to the Chancellor and knee on the platform in front of the Chancellor so you can be capped.
    • Proceed to the Registrar and hand your hood over to him. Turn around to face the audience and wait for the Registrar to drape the hood over your shoulders.
    • Your photograph will be taken while the Registrar places the hood over your shoulders.
    • Walk up to the Head of Department, who will congratulate you.
    • Walk down the aisle to the foyer of the hall to receive your certificate from the examinations department officials.
    • Return to your seat and remain seated until the dissolution of the congregation.

Photos In Seconds (PTY) LTD 

The University’s approved photographers will be in attendance. No individual photographers will be allowed inside the hall during the ceremony.

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