Good Samaritan, MUT, helps local school write their final IT examinations

29 October 202320


Good Samaritan, MUT, helps local school write their final IT examinations

True to its Anchor Strategy philosophy, the University came to the aid of three of Umlazi High Schools when they had problems with their computers. These problems happened when these schools, like all others, were approaching the final year examinations. One of the school’s computers were stolen. About 100 grade 12 learners from Velabahleke High School, Embizweni High School, and Zwelibanzi High School wrote their grade 12 CAT (Computer Applications Technology) examinations at the University’s Chemical Engineering computer laboratories. Mbali Mkhize, Senior Director: Department of Marketing and Communications, said what the Department of Chemical Engineering Head, Njabulo Zulu did was in line with the University’s Anchor Strategy.  “As MUT, we are sensitive to the needs of our communities, particularly our immediate communities, that we want to grow with, as required by our Anchor Strategy. We regarded this challenge of the schools in Umlazi Township, where we are located, as a chance to assist schools that were in dire need. Helping our neighbours is the soul of the University,” Mkhize said.

Mkhize also added that for Zulu to loan the schools his department’s laboratories was very much like him. “Zulu’s emotional intelligence came through; he saw the need to ensure that the learners were able to write their final year examinations which huge determinant of their future. Zulu, a Pastor, is also a mentor to pre-tech students,” said Mkhize.

The Principals of Embizweni High School, Bheki Hlengwa, and Velabahleke High School, Bheki Mhlongo, were very appreciative of the help their schools received from the University. Mhlongo said “thank you very much for your hospitality. Our learners did very well in their CAT examination. We really appreciate MUT’s sacrifice, especially in preparation for this day”. Velabahleke’s grade 12 learners wrote their CAT examination on 24 October 2023.

Hlengwa addressed the management of the University. “As Embizweni High School, we wish to pass our gratitude to management of the University for assisting us during our time of need. The assistance we received is great. Thank you once more.” Embizweni High School and Zwelibanzi learners wrote their Information Technology examination the following day. Also present during the examination was an official from the Department of Education.

Wamkelwe Mbedu, a learner from Velabahleke, said they were delighted to have been given an opportunity to write their CAT examination at MUT. “Without the MUT help our future would have been a dam without water,” Mbedu said.







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