FOMO brings student and alumni leader back to witness graduation in person

Sandile Dlamini at the last 2024 graduation session

The MUT graduation never has a dull moment. Right at the outset, the happy graduands, parents, and the academic procession join in the graduation excitement through song and dance culminating in the LADA.  The LADA was introduced in 2011 by Professor Marcus Ramogale and embraced by the University as a family tradition that everyone looks forward to each year.  “Even myself, I can’t stay away from the MUT graduations. They bring positive vibes and if you are like me with Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) there is no way you would miss out”, said Sandile Dlamini, former MUT SRC President and Former MUT President of Convocation. “I just had to come and be a part of the celebrations although I am not attending as an office bearer”, he said.