About EAC

The Empowered Administrators Conference (EAC) has become a signature event for our loyal delegates and alumni. It was conceptualised to be a meaningful celebration of the key role of office professionals. Through the conference, we remind office administrators that they occupy a very strategic position within their respective organisations; if they repurpose their skills nothing can stop them from progressing to leadership roles in their organisations.

The corporate sector is evolving, and a lot is expected from a 21st Century administrator. It is this evolution that makes the EAC remain relevant. This makes it imperative for the EAC team to ensure that they deliver the most relevant programme. Over the past eight years the EAC have tackled the following themes:

2012: Walking the walk: Talking the talk – providing empowered administrators with skills of being more self-aware and being able to start using today’s office lingo.

2013: Unleashing the potential of the Office Professional – Focusing on how modern office executives need to free themselves from the limitations of outdated office support and finding ways to be on top of their game, all the time, and master all the touch points within their respective offices.

2014: Breaking new ground – This theme addressed the paradigm shift in the traditional role of office administrators to a modern-techno-savvy office executive clued up about personal branding, process improvement, and efficient tools of office management.

2015: Creating thought leadership in office administration – We asked these important questions: What separates a thought leader from other leaders? How does an office professional create the respect to be accorded a thought leader status in their environment?

2016: Becoming a 4D office administrator – Coined along a four-dimensional concept, with the fourth dimension being the intangible and extraordinary skill that the office professionals should possess.

2017: Captaining the office – Giving a strategic analysis of the office professional as an office captain who needs to set out a vision for the office; needs to be intuitive and be like a duck which appears calm while paddling at the bottom.

2018: Embracing the 4th Industrial Revolution – Presenting the EAC as an engine that prepares office administrators for the 21st Century by giving them skills that would make them relevant for the 4th Industrial Revolution. Through the conference, we assured delegates that the future should not be bleak for an empowered office administrator.

2019: STEP UP. LEARN IN was a call to action in creating change within the office administrators profession.

The 2022 EAC will explore fundamental questions of what office administrators need to do in order to make an impact in their organisations.